How do I access Discoverer Reports Student Records (Quercus)?

Discoverer Reports Student Records (Quercus) is available online via OracleBI Discoverer at Discoverer Reports Student Records (Quercus)

Each College/School or Research Unit has been provided with a generic departmental unique login ID and password. Please contact your Head of College/School or Research Unit for the login information.

New generic departmental accounts can be requested from the Service Desk.  Please note that written (email) authorization from your Head of College/School or Research Unit is required.

Access Discoverer Reports Student Records (Quercus)


  1. Access Remote Apps using the Client.

  2. When prompted, enter your Campus Account (Office 365) credentials (e.g. & Campus Account password). 

    Your O365 account uses 
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and you will be prompted to verify via text, authenticator app, or call me
  3. Once connected to Remote Apps, click the Reporting Student (Discoverer) icon.

  4. At the Discoverer Reports Student Records (Quercus) login screen enter the departmental unique login ID  and report password. Click OK.


  1. From a PC connected to the wired network, open an internet browser.
  2. Click here for Discoverer Reports Student Records (Quercus).
  3. At the Discoverer Reports Student Records (Quercus) login screen enter the departmental unique login ID and report password. Click OK.

Access Checklist

1. Java Fix

The ISS has developed a Java Fix on Zenworks, this will remove your current version and then install the correct version of Java. Please follow the steps below for this:


Before you start the install process:

  • Please close ALL Internet Brower sessions
  • Please close ALL other application
  • Ensure ALL Java sessions are closed.

Windows 10;

  1. Open windows explorer and click on This PC. On the right-hand window, click on  NUI Galway Applications Folder.

  2. Double-click on ISS Utilities icon.
  3. D‌ouble-click the Java Fix icon.
  4. Once you double click the icon, the installer starts after a short delay of up to one minute.  Once complete you will get a confirmation message.

2. Check Pop-up Blocker 

To ensure Back Office functions properly, Pop-up Blockers must be disabled. Please follow the instructions below to check and disable Pop-up Blockers. 

1. Open Internet Explorer, go to the toolbar along the top of the screen, click on "Tools".  From the drop-down menu click on  "Internet Options"

2. When the "Internet Options" window opens,  click on the "Privacy" tab

3. Un-tick the option for "Turn on Pop-up Blocker"

 4. Click OK

3. Check SSL/TLS

1. Open Internet Explorer, go to the toolbar along the top of the screen, click on "Tools".  From the drop-down menu click on  "Internet Options"

2. Click on the "Advanced" tab

3. Scroll to the bottom and ensure that ALL the "SSL" and "TLS" boxes are ticked

4. Click Apply - otherwise any changes made will be discarded

5. Click OK

4.  Discoverer Extra Settings

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Login to Discoverer.
  2. Once logged into Discoverer. Under Tools, please select options.
  3. On the Options dialog box, under the Advanced tab, please ensure that "Disable fan-trap detection" is ticked.
  4. Another important setting that may impact large reports is the "Limit retrieved query data" setting which limits the rows returned. This can be found under the Query Governor tab under the same Options dialog box.