DreamSpark Login

Steps to follow

  1. Access the NUI Galway DreamSpark website at: http://nuigalway.onthehub.com/

  2. Select the ’Sign-in’ icon in the top right corner. ‌Dreamspark Login: 1
  3. You will be redirected to the Edugate Service.  Please select NUI Galway as your Identity Provider Service.Dreamspark Login: 2
  4. Login using your student identification number (8 digits, ie: 00888888) as username and your corresponding CASS password.  These are the same login details you use for Blackboard and NUIGWiFi, and can be reset at https://cass.nuigalway.ie/ in the event you have forgotten your password.Dreamspark Login: 3
  5. You are now logged into the NUI Galway’s DreamSpark service. 


    Dreamspark Login: 4b

    Dreamspark Login: 4a