General Telephone Instructions

All of the features described below may not be available at particular extensions. If there is a particular telephone facility you require or if you have any queries please contact the .

External Lines

Dial 9 before the number when making an external call.


Dial 0 to contact University Operator.

Return an External Call

To return an external call to the University Operator, press the R or Recall button on the phone, wait for the tone and then dial 0.

Call Back

If you dial an internal number which is engaged, press the R button 81 or the Recall button 81. The telephone will ring when the extension you have dialled becomes free. Dial 82 if you wish to cancel call back.


To transfer external or internal calls press the R or Recall button, wait for the tone and dial extension number required. Press the R or Recall button again to get the original call back.


Extensions may be pre-programmed to hunt automatically to any other extension when the original extension is either busy or unattended.

Call Forwarding

To forward calls, dial 85 extension number to which you have gone. Dial 85 again to cancel.

Camp-on Calls

If you hear a beep tone while you are on the telephone, it indicates that the operator is holding another call for you. As soon as you hang up, your telephone will ring again.

Call pick-up

Where a number of telephone extensions are located in the same area an extension ringing in the area can be intercepted by any number of a group by dialling a pre-programmed code.   

Voice Mail

If you require a Voice Mail facility, contact the Service Desk.

Voice Recognition

Please contact the Service Desk.  If you are moving from your designated extension number to a new extension so that the voice recognition system can be reprogrammed accordingly. Otherwise, incoming calls will be misdirected.