Off-Campus Access to College/Committee Intranets

The steps outlined below allow authorised users off-campus to view college/committee intranets. 

  1. Using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to 

  2. Please allow the desktop installation to proceed. 

  3. The following window appears after desktop installation. 
    Dora Image 1
  4. Login using your UDS credentials i.e. as for staff email and then click  Login 

  5. You will be automatically directed to the internal page  
    Scroll down this page and at the bottom right hand corner of the page, click  Committees (shown circled in the image below).
    Dora Image 2
  6. You will be automatically directed to the secure area of the Intranet

  7. A  Web Server Authentication Required login prompt appears as shown in the image below 
    Dora Image 3
  8. Login using the same username and password as in Step 4 and then click Continue 

  9. Access to the Committees intranet site (for which your account has permission to view) is now visible in a secure environment.

  10. To logout, close Microsoft Internet Explorer.