Staff Intranet Guides - How to use the Staff Intranet

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Adding content to the Staff Intranet

  1. Create a page with workflow
    • Video(WMV 15MB 8.30mins approx)
    • Text (PDF 24KB)

  2. Create a page with an image
    • Video(WMV 14MB 7.40mins approx)
    • Text (PDF 24KB)

  3. Edit a page
    • Video(WMV 5.28MB 2.50mins approx)
    • Text (PDF 12KB)

  4. Delete a page
    • Video(WMV 5.54MB 2.50mins approx)
    • Text (PDF 12KB)

  5. Working with Discussion Boards
    • Video(WMV 10.4MB 5.10mins approx)
    • Text (PDF 24KB)

  6. Adding items to Events/Dialann
    • Video(WMV 10MB 5.10mins approx)
    • Text (PDF 12KB)