Risk Groups

Údarás na hOllscoile (Governing Authority) are responsible for the management of risk within the University. They have assigned responsibility for the implementation and operation of the risk management framework to UMT. The implementation of risk management policies and procedures is supported by the following risk groups.

Risk Management Group

The Risk Management Group (RMG) is a sub-Committee of the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC). This group has responsibility for the oversight and facilitation of the development of policy and risk registers with particular focus on operational risks and emerging risks from University Risk Forum. This group will report to ARC.

 Membership of this group is made up of all members of UMT with two external members to the University with risk expertise.

University Risk Forum

This is a working group consisting of nominees from each UMT member and is representative of all major risk areas within the University. This representative will have responsibility for or be involved in the risk management process for that area. This group reports to the RMG.

This forum provides an avenue for the discussion of risk and risk registers to ensure consistency and provide an avenue for the identification of common risks and joint owners. The group will meet annually/biannually or when needed. An Executive College Dean (UMT member) will chair the forum.

Terms of reference have been prepared and approved for each of the above groups.