Risk Registers

A risk register is the means by which identified and agreed risks are recorded and the register is used to maintain and manage risks going forward. 

The University records risks, the controls in place to manage the risks and additional actions required to improve the management of risks on the risk register. Each Unit completes a risk register and these are combined in two consolidated registers; 1) Colleges risk register and 2) Professional Support Units risk register. A University Risk Register is maintained to record and manage strategic and related risks and this is owned by UMT. 

Risk is the responsibility of all staff so registers can be maintained at levels outside of Units but it is encouraged that these are reported to their relevant Senior Manager or UMT member to ensure they are considered for inclusion on the consolidated risk registers. A blank risk register can be found in the link to the right.

To support the completion of the risk register please refer to the procedural guidance  and the approved NUI Galway risk policy.

Blank risk register template

Click the link below for a copy of the blank risk register template.

Risk Register template 2021/22