NUI Galway welcome students from Canada.   If you are thinking of Studying at NUI Galway, check out a day in the life of Mary Labib studying Medicine.

 Entry Requirements

Please check individual programme pages to see whether the entry requirements are a 2:2 or 2:1. 



Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent

Very Good/2:1 Equivalent

Excellent/1st Equivalent

Foundation Programme N/A N/A  N/A  N/A
Undergraduate Programmes A levels taken in Canada  As per course A Level requirements As per course A Level requirements As per course A Level requirements
Alberta  65% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
British Columbia

5 B grades in acceptable grade 12 courses 

or 70% in five acceptable grade 12 courses

N/A                N/A
Manitoba 70% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
New Brunswick 65% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
Newfoundland 65% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
North West Territories 70% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
Nova Scotia 65% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
Nunavut    65% in five acceptable grade 12 courses    

Advanced level with six grade 12 courses

Minimum Average 65% 

Prince Edward Island 70% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
Quebec (Diplome d'Etudes Collegiales (DEC)) Pass N/A N/A
Saskatchewan 70% in five acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
Yukon Territory 5 B grades in acceptable grade 12 courses  N/A N/A
Postgraduate Programmes  Bachelor Degree (Honours)  B/3.0/73% GPA B+/3.3/77% GPA A-/3.7/80% GPA

Jess Furney - International Human Rights Law

"I am currently studying a LLM in International Human Rights Law . I chose NUIG for its stellar reputation and world-renowned Irish Centre for Human Rights. Additionally, I chose international human rights law because I wanted to educate myself further in current issues affecting people across the world and acquire a more global perspective.  Also known as the cultural heart of Ireland, Galway has been an incredible experience, full of amazing people, professors, and mini adventures. It made sense to pick a place that encourages educational and personal growth.   My first day at University was a bit chaotic, but wonderfully laid out in that our lecturers gave introductory talks on our area of study and introduced all of the module options.  My highlights of studying at NUI Galway so far is  when I was selected to participate in the Sakharov Prize seminar program and sit in on the award ceremony at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, along with 23 other students from universities across Ireland, and also making  around 100 new friends during my involvement with local clubs and in the program.   The Irish is culture is inclusive, easy-going, diverse and Galway city is Vibrant, friendly, bustling."


Jess Furney, from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, studying LLM in International Human Rights Law

Caitlin Cardill - Bachelor of Laws

Caitlin Cardill

“After having visited Ireland on vacation, I was drawn to the culture and was set on returning to spend more time there. Being a student at the time, the ocean-side City of Galway was of particular interest to me with its unique character, charming people and lively way of life. With an interest in pursing a career in law, I was pleased to learn about the postgraduate Bachelor of Laws program at the National University of Ireland, Galway, where a few of my friends had attended, only to stay in Galway and pursue their careers there. It came as no surprise that the University offered a supportive and engaging environment that turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences in the pursuit of my legal career.

One of the most significant factors for me was the level of passion that each professor brought to their teaching and their genuine desire to see each student succeed and strive for excellence. I was also pleased to learn that the faculty offered students in their second year the opportunity to study in different legal jurisdictions in countries across Europe, as well as in Canada and the United States. I completed my degree at the University and proceeded to be called to the Bar of Ontario, in Canada. I am now working as a junior associate with a firm in Ottawa and my professors and experiences at the University have played significant role in the strong basis I now have for the practice of law.”

Caitlin  Cardill, Associate at Merovitz Potechin LLP, Ottawa

Julia Warnes - MA in Medieval Studies

"Hi, my name is Julia Warnes and I’m currently doing an MA in Medieval Studies at NUI Galway. I’m originally from Canada but decided to make the move to Ireland from a drive to experience Irish culture and explore my heritage.

‌The decision was one that I will never regret. Since my arrival, the university has truly demonstrated all the wonderful things it has to offer. Probably the number one word I would use to describe the place is welcoming. The people are extremely friendly and although I have only been in this country for a few months, it is already starting to feel like home.

Galway is a great city to meet new people and make lifelong friends. One of the most encouraging aspects about the university is that the faculty has been so supportive and they really take an interest in the students.

My program is ideal because of its interdisciplinary nature, allowing students to interact with other departments and explore other fields of knowledge. NUI Galway is a great place to study, with its high academic standards and supportive student environment."

 Julia Warnes, MA in Medieval Studies

Lucas Walden - Medicine

Lucas Walden

"For Canadians studying abroad, Galway couldn’t be a more ideal location. It has a small town feel that is easy to adapt to and makes international students instantly feel welcome. Galway’s proximity to many European cities makes it easy to take inexpensive trips to experience new and interesting cultures. Personally, living in Galway has helped me broaden my horizons by meeting and studying with a diverse group of people. NUIG encourages team work and collaboration and has taught me the importance of flexibility, all of which are tools required for success later in life. "

Lucas Walden, Medicine (2012 - 2018)


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