Entry Requirements


Please check individual programme pages to see whether the entry requirements are a 2:2 or 2:1.



Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent

Very Good/2:1 Equivalent

Excellent/1st Equivalent

Foundation Programme Bachillerato 7.5/75% CGPA  N/A  N/A
Undergraduate Programmes Salida Lateral or Carrera Corta leading to a Diploma or Título Técnico (after 2-3 years study) 7.5/75% CGPA 8.0/80% CGPA 8.5/85% CGPA
Postgraduate Programmes  Licenciatura 7.5/75% CGPA 8.0/80% CGPA 8.5/85% CGPA

Deborah Mireles, PHD Fellow in International Management at NUI GAlway

"I have been part of NUI Galway for nearly four years now. In 2016, I completed a master’s degree in International Management. This course was a perfect balance between theory and practice and allowed me to deeply immerse myself in the international business world. Moreover, I learnt how to work in a culturally diverse environment as there were around seven different nationalities in our class. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge for my future career, but I was left with friendships that I will treasure forever.

Currently, I am coursing the third year of a PhD in International Management, which has been by far the most difficult, yet most enriching experience of my life. I have developed and strengthened numerous skills, such as self-discipline, project management, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, communication skills and resilience. I am also lucky enough to work with a wonderful group of people in my department, who are always willing to listen and help.

Another big part of my success during my time in NUI Galway is of course that it is located in Galway. Galway is such a charming, magical, beautiful, little city where there is always something happening. In summer we have the International Art’s Festival and there are artists performing on every corner of the streets, at Christmas we have a lovely market full of food and warm drinks. I also love how multicultural Galway is, I form part of the Mexican Community of Galway where I have been able to embrace and share my culture. Moving to Ireland has been the best decision I have made in my life. It is an amazing country full of beautiful landscapes and lovely people who always make you feel welcome. Ireland has become my second home and a piece of my heart will always live here.

Yaheli Hernandez - PhD in Project Portfolio Management Systems

Yaheli Hernandez

"My name is Yaheli Hernandez, I am from Guasave, Sinaloa in Mexico and currently I am pursuing a PhD at NUIG. I am still on my first year, and this is by far one of the most rewarding experiences I ever have in my life.

I don’t have a scholarship or any external support, I work two jobs to be able to pay for my fees and my living expenses but from time to time there are funding opportunities for part the university available to us.  I have chosen NUIG because it is one of the best universities in the world, and because I love living in Ireland. Irish culture is one of the coolest, admiring and colourful cultures in the world.

Being part of NUIG has opened the doors in many ways. I have got a network of very important contacts which work together has been very fruitful. It is not only what you know but who you know and at NUIG I have got both, the knowledge and expertise of my mentor (supervisor) and also the network I need to succeed in this journey. The university has many opportunities for people with potential and the drive to succeed. I will definitively recommend NUIG as a Top option plus Galway is a great place to call home while you are here, I have never been in a more welcoming and vibrant place in Europe than Galway. Ireland is I couldn’t have picked a better place to up-skill my education and I am very proud of being a NUIG postgraduate student."

— Yaheli Hernandez, PhD in Project Portfolio Management Systems, from Guasave, Sinaloa

Staff Profile - Gloria Avalos, Lecturer in Medical Statistics & Research Method

Gloria Avalos is originally from Mexico. She has been working as a Lecturer in Medical Statistics and Research Methods in the School of Medicine in NUI Galway for over 25 years. She lectures to both under-graduate and post-graduate students, with a strong emphasis on teaching quality and student learning outcomes. Being involved in several bio-medical research projects as a medical statistician has led to the publication of 40+ scientific articles and numerous presentations in national and international conferences.

In addition to her academic duties, Gloria organises key cultural events throughout the year in collaboration with NUIG students, from both Mexico and other countries. These cultural encounters include traditional Mexican folkloric dance performances across Ireland, including in official ceremonial festivities and participation in multi-cultural music and food festivals.

Gloria is the principal event organiser for the annual ‘International Medical Students Evening’ – a gala dinner and cross-cultural music and dance event – which is attended by 375+ international medical students from more 36 countries. Gloria also founded the ‘Mexican Community of Galway’, which supports various Mexican-themed cultural events. These include the celebration of ‘El Grito’ in honour of Mexican Independence Day, the university folkloric dance group and the annual San Patricio’s Battalion celebrations in Clifden, County Galway in scenic Connemara.


Student World Mexico

T: (01 52) 55 5698 4284
Pedro Santacilia No. 283
Col. Villa de Cortés, Mexico City

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