Entry Requirements


Please check individual programme pages to see whether the entry requirements are a 2:2 or 2:1.



Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent

Very Good/2:1 Equivalent

Excellent/1st Equivalent

Foundation Programme WAEC (WASSCE) Sufficient grades in at least 6 subjects (minimum C6 including maths)  N/A  N/A
Undergraduate Programmes National Diploma lower credit or 2.5/4.0 CGPA Upper credit or 3.0/4.0 CGPA Distinction or 3.50/4.0 CGPA
Part-completion of a Bachelor degree  2.4/5.0 CGPA or Lower Second Class 3.3/5.0 CGPA or Upper Second Class 4.5/5 CGPA or First Class
A recognised Nigerian Foundation Programme  Average B grades At least 2 As and Bs in all other subjects A-grades in all subjects
Postgraduate Programmes  Bachelor degree from a government recognised University 2.4/5.0 CGPA or Lower Second Class 3.3/5.0 CGPA or Upper Second Class 4.5/5 CGPA or First Class
Postgraduate Diploma   2.4/5.0 CGPA or Lower Second Class 3.3/5.0 CGPA or Upper Second Class 4.5/5 CGPA or First Class

Student Profiles

Student profiles from Nigeria

Blessing Obinwa - BA in Community and Family studies

Blessing Obinwa

"Hello, my name is Blessing Obinwa from Nigeria in West Africa. I am currently studying BA honours degree in Community and Family studies in NUI Galway.  My choice of studying this course has to do with my job affiliation working with individuals with high support and complex needs in the community.  I studied and obtained FETAC Level five in Health care support, then moved on to study for a diploma in community development practice with NUI Galway and finally decided to complete the degree course in Community and Family Studies due to my positive experience with the university after my diploma program.  

 It was a tough decision as I work part time and also a mother of three young children to care for, but what really motivated and kept me going hinges on the tutors being very supportive and shows lots of patience in teaching, they demonstrate genuine interest towards students and that makes the environment conducive to study in. I am now in my fourth and final year and looking back, feel I made the right decision and it has been very rewarding.

 In terms of Irish culture, Galway is referred to as the cultural heart of Ireland as it is associated with Irish music, songs and language, Galway is a beautiful City and a tourist destination, also Irish people in general are friendly and helpful. I will recommend NUI Galway to any Nigerian willing to study abroad as the standard of teaching is very high with tutors who are very competent and the University well equipped to cater the needs of interested students."

— Blessing Obinwa, BA in Community and Family studies , from Nigeria

Victory Ike - Commerce with Accounting

Victory Ike

"My name is Victory Ike and I am 19 years old. Currently I am on my summer holidays and will be going abroad to France for a few days! I have spent most of my life in Ireland, it is where I did majority of my education and because of this I have met so many people. I finished my leaving and I wanted to do accounting as I found it interesting and I like business so commerce with accounting was Ideal for me.

I chose NUI Galway because all I've heard from Galway was that it is a lovely place to live and the people are friendly and this was evidential as soon as I arrived in Galway. The diversity is surreal and I have never felt out of place . 'your basically Irish' is what I get a lot from people when they talk to me.
My first day at NUI Galway was extraordinary as I met so many people from so many different counties and countries. On the first night , we went out and it was and still is one of my best and favourite nights out. 
The highlight of my study is the opportunity that I have with my degree after college and The highlight of NUI Galway is the friends that you make for life. 

To describe Irish culture in 3 words would be Friendly , lively and fair. Galway in 3 words would be Alive , comfortable and surprising."

— Victory Ike, Commerce with Accounting, from Nigeria

Toluwanimi Daniel Olajide - Engineering

"My name is Toluwanimi Daniel Olajide, I am 17 years old and I am from Nigeria. I finished high school in Abuja, Nigeria in the year 2012 and then spent a year in a foundation program in Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC, Ireland in the year 2013.

I am currently studying a four year Electronics and Computing Engineering course at the NUIG. I chose this course because I find engineering related calculations and programming of devices interesting. I chose NUIG because it is considered as one of the best universities in Ireland and the environment is friendly. The application process was made easy thanks to the foundation program; DIFC handled all the application process entirely. On my first day in NUIG, the environment seemed very large and lively; there was a tour of the Engineering building; including the location of lecture theatres and lab rooms which I would be attending. After that, a little party for engineering students was setup in order to know other students in the course which was interesting. Finding comfortable, cheap student accommodation close to the University was not too challenging; as the university helped with the provision of accommodation; and there were also advertisements on notice boards and websites and also online. In order to get into Ireland it is customary to have an Irish visa. The required documents for a student visa were a couple of results from high school which is known as WAEC in Nigeria and a couple of other documents. After providing the documents an interview was set up to ask me questions related to Ireland and why I chose Ireland to study; which was really easy to do. According to the process it could take about 8 weeks to get the visa but in my case it took about 4-6 weeks. The stay back option for international students is reasonable and fair.

The University invites students to visit; via regular open days throughout the year. Students from high school and also from foundation programmes are given free access to the campus and are given a campus tour by a university representative. There are also national competitions that invite students from all over the country. My studies try to ensure development in my skills such as writing and improving my views on engineering in general. In all, my studies require work, time and effort.

So far, if I was to describe the Irish culture, I can say it is astonishing and interesting."

Toluwanimi Daniel Olajide, Electronics and Computing Engineering, from Abuja


Chinedu Raphael |   Customer Support Analyst at TELUS International Ireland

I liked how the course allowed me to gain a good understanding of international management and global business from a practical point of view. The international Business simulation trip gave me first-hand practical experience on how to do business and was a very important part of the whole course.


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