Entry Requirements


Please check individual programme pages to see whether the entry requirements are a 2:2 or 2:1.



Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent

Very Good/2:1 Equivalent

Excellent/1st Equivalent

Foundation Programme Intermediate/Higher Secondary Certificate 65% CGPA N/A N/A
Undergraduate Programme Bachelor Degree (if studied for between 2 and 3 years) 54.5%/2.5/CB 64.5-74.4%/3.5/BA 74.5%/4.0/AA

Postgraduate Programmes 

Bachelor Degree (4 Years) and Master's Degree

Bachelor Degree result of 60%/2.8/CB, Master's Degree result of 49.5%/2.0/CC Bachelor Degree result of 70%/3.0/4/BA, Master's Degree result of 59.5-64.4%/3.0/BB Bachelor Degree result of 75%/3.5/4.0/AA, Master's Degree of 64.5%/3.5/BA

Asma Khatoon - PhD Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Asma Khatoon

"Hi, I am Asma, a PhD student in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, NUI Galway. I came here last year and was amazed at the great combination of quality education, friendly faculty, varied student life and fun! From the first days I was surrounded by welcoming, caring and helpful people. It’s so easy to mix and make friends here. NUI Galway is a great place to study, with its high academic standards and supportive student environment. It is one of the top ranked university in the world.
I enjoyed my learning experience greatly. I am lucky to have a wonderful PhD Supervisor, who always helped me. He has been supportive since the day I came here. I am very thankful to him. He is a great man.

Irish people are friendly, helping and easy going. Galway city is a beautiful place to live, with the authenticity to Irish life and culture surrounded by the most beautiful countryside.  I would recommend any prospective student especially from Pakistan to choose NUI Galway as their study destination.
And as a student ambassador, I will be tremendously eager to help potential international students here in Ireland."

— Asma Khatoon, PhD Electrical & Electronics Engineering, from Pakistan

Muhammad Shariq Hassan - PhD in Civil Engineering

You should visit Muhammad's blog to read his testimonial!


Saqib Salahuddin - PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Saqib Salahuddin

"Hi I am Saqib Salahuddin and I am doing 4 years structural PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
NUI Galway is a reputed institute of Ireland and the group led by Dr. Martin O'Halloran is well known for their work in medical devices and dielectric properties. I am lucky and extremely privileged to be part of Lambe Medical Device Research group in NUI Galway under the supervision of Dr. Martin.

I came to Galway in 2014 and my first day at the university was totally unpredictable. The campus location is amazing, especially the river side view. It’s a very friendly atmosphere at NUI Galway. You will always be surrounded by friendly and welcoming people.
NUI Galway has high academic standards, excellent facilities, variety of extra extracurricular activities and exceptional career development programs for the students. The academic staff is very friendly and supportive. I would highly recommend NUI Galway for international students and especially for prospective Pakistani students and would like to offer my help in any regard.

I would describe the Irish culture and people as friendly, full of life and extremely easy going. Galway city is one of the best places in the world to live. It’s extremely beautiful, peaceful and has all the colors of Irish culture." 

— Saqib Salahuddin, PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, from Lahore, Pakistan

Ghulam Sarwar - PhD in Computer Science

Ghulam Sarwar

"Before coming to Ireland the only thing I knew about it was some landscapes I saw in a Hollywood movie ‘leap year’, a glimpse of Irish dance and music I saw in Titanic and it’s an English speaking country with loads of opportunities in IT because I read in an article that Ireland is a silicon valley of Europe. Being a traveller, an IT enthusiastic and music lover, all these reasons fits right in my area and I decided to choose Ireland for my postgraduate studies. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship from Irish Research Council for my PhD in computer science. It was in collaboration with a company, so it was even better for me to get both flavours i.e. academia and industry at the same time.

Whether it was the generosity of the international office toward my silly questions, or the welcoming nature of my supervisor and the landlady of my new house, my first days in Ireland went smoothly. The university is equipped with all the facilities that a student needs. For Muslim students there are options available for halal food in campus, which is quite impressive. Prayer rooms are also available where you can practice your faith. The best part I love about NUIG is, that it has numerous societies and sports clubs. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world who share the same interest as yours and experience different cultures and make new friends. Galway city itself is a wonderful place to live in. The scenery around the town and the West part of Ireland is truly phenomenal.

I would definitely recommend and encourage international students to consider NUIG for their studies.
Ireland in 3 words: It's good Craic :)
Galway in 3 words: Diverse, young and musical"

— Ghulam Sarwar, PhD in Computer Science, from Lahore, Pakistan


Student Counselling Services (SCS)

Address: ICD House 107 Mamdot Block Mustafa Town Wahdet Road, Lahore 54600, PAKISTAN

Point of Contact: Dr Osamah Qureshi 

T: +92 300 8425011 E: W: 

Haroon Zafar from Pakistan

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Shehzad Khan from Pakistan

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