• One of the world’s premier university-based institutions for the study and promotion of human rights, humanitarian law, international criminal justice, peacekeeping, conflict and security, transitional justice and migration and refugee law, business and human rights, gender and women’s rights.  
  • A dynamic programme of seminars, summer school and conferences brings leading international experts to the Irish Centre for Human Rights.
  • An International Human Rights Law Clinic provides students with unique practical training on mobilising human rights standards to secure reform, engaging human rights bodies, at UN and regional levels.
  • Expert Lecturers deliver programme modules, including skills-focused and practice oriented training on transnational lawyering, advocacy and public policy.  Our academics are internationally recognised human rights experts with extensive professional and practical experience. 
  • Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) is based at the Irish Centre for Human Rights. Selected students have the opportunity for placements working on transnational human rights litigation and advocacy. 
  • Career Support draws on the expertise of a global network of alumni and staff.
  • Students benefit from field trip opportunities to international justice institutions in The Hague and to Irish Defence forces.

Students and staff of the Irish Centre for Human Rights taking part in the Global Climate Strike on the 20th September 2019.