Paul Bradfield


Postdoctoral researcher

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PhD Research Topic: "The use of amnesty as a response to mass atrocity in Uganda."

Academic Background: BA, LLB (NUI Galway); LLM in Criminal Justice (University College Cork), Barrister-at-law (Kings Inns).

Research Interests: Transitional Justice, International Criminal Law

Conferences and presentations: 
- American Society of International Law Transitional Justice Works-in-Progress Conference, New York (November 2018), "Amnesty in northern Uganda - reflections from the field"; 
- UK and Ireland Transitional Justice Network Conference, Trinity College Dublin (July 2019), "The legacy of amnesty in Uganda - a successful transitional justice tool or undermined by prosecutions?".
Relevant Experience: 

Professional experience

- Lawyer on the Petković and Karadžić Defence teams at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (2010-2011);
- Lawyer on the Nizeyimana Defence Team at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (2011); 
- Legal intern to Judge Monageng in Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (2011);
- Lawyer on the Ali Defence Team at the International Criminal Court (2011);
- Irish Aid UN Volunteer with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Gulu, northern Uganda (2012-2013);
- Programme Lawyer, Irish Rule of Law International, Malawi (2013);
- Prosecution Lawyer, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court (2013-2018), working on the Bosco Ntaganda and Dominic Ongwen cases.
- Visiting Researcher, Harvard Law School (Spring 2019).

Scholarships and Awards: NUI Travelling Studentship (2016)

- "Reshaping Amnesty in Uganda - The Case of Thomas Kwoyelo." Journal of International Criminal Justice (2017), Vol. 15, Issue 4.
- "Preserving Vulnerable Evidence at the International Criminal Court - the Article 56 Milestone in Ongwen." International Criminal Law Review (2019), Vol. 19, Issue 3.