How do I find the available balance OR transaction details?

In order to check the Recurrent Budget available balance in AGRESSO, please follow this guide:

    1. Log on to AGRESSO in the usual way.
    2. From the Reports Menu follows:
      • Global Reports
      • Recurrent Budget Reports
      • Recurrent Expenditure Reports
      • Discipline Budget vs Actual Reports
    3. Launch the Report named "Recurrent Expenditure vs Budget" by clicking on the name in the menu.
    4. Choose your Budget account by either keying in the Subaccount in the box or by selecting the 'in list' (blue button) to the right of the parameter box.
    5. Choose the appropriate date range
    6. To run the report, hit the search button
    7. Use the expansion buttons on the left of the window to collapse/expand specific lines or collapse/expand the whole view using the view level option at the top of the report
    8. The far right hand column shows the available balance
Expanding the report detail

In order to drill down on your report select an appropriate level from the "Detail Level" option where level 1 reflects the highest level of detail and level 3 being the lowest.

The "+" sign in front of each row allows to expand on a single rows of the report.

How can I check if an expense payment has been processed?

There are two methods to identify whether a particular payment has hit your account in AGRESSO

Method  1
  1. In order to establish if an expense payment has been processed, you must identify that payment in the amount column in your standard Budget vs Actual Query.
  2. Using the expansion buttons on the left of the results page, expand the relevant account to its most granular level.
  3. Scroll down to the expense line to which your payment relates; where you expect the payment to be booked.
  4. In the Amount column (i.e. the first money column), click on the amount you wish to see in more detail, this will drill down to a more detailed level.
  5. This will then show you all transactions which make up that balance.
Method 2
  1. You can run a query in AGRESSO which shows you all transactions for your subaccount (cost code) for the current financial period.
  2. Select the following from the main menu:
    • Global Reports
    • Recurrent Budget Reports
    • Expenditure Reports
    • Discipline/Departmental Reports
  3. Choose the AGRESSO view called Recurrent Expenditure Detail
  4. Click on the selected view.
  5. Key in your subaccount and hit the Search button.
  6. The results show every single Non-Pay transaction, with customer information. You should be able to identify your transaction from this listing.

I am expecting some income; How can I check to see if this has been received and is available?

There are a number of ways in which you can check to see if your income has been received. The simplest  way is to establish whether or not your budget has been increased by the amount of income you expect to receive.

 To do this use the following steps:

  1. Run the standard Budget vs Expenditure query.
  2. Using the expension buttons on the left of the results screen expand the view to its lowest level.
  3. Looking in the Budget Column - the 4 th money column - scroll down to either account 3083 -Transfers from another Department or 9990 - Budget Account.
  4. You can drill further by selecting the link to reports function to the right of the report. For the line that you have expanded, select link to budget report and this will create a detailed budget view for the budget amount on that line.
  5. You will see every budget entry on that line.

How do I transfer a budget from one account to another?

In order to make budget transfers in AGRESSO, send an email to copying the relevant account owner(s), stating the following:

  • Source Subaccount
  • Destination Subaccount
  • Amount
  • Explanation as to the nature of the transfer

Please note, transfer will only be made with the approval of the account owner.

What can my Part Time Assistance (PTA) budget be used for?

The Part Time Assistance (PTA) Budget is reserved for any additional pay costs over and above the original Basic Pay Budget provided at the start of the year.

This includes any additional cover that is required as a result of absence due to maternity leave, parental leave, illness or other long term absences.

The PTA budget may not be supported by funding from the Basic Pay Budget.

Any underfunding of PTA costs must be paid out of the General Non Pay Budget, should PTA over spends

I have not fully utilised my basic PAY budget; Can I transfer the balance to my NON-Pay budget?

Pay Budgets may not be transfered to the Non Pay Budget line.

Similary, Non Pay Budgets may not be transferred to the Pay line, with exception to the PTA (Part Time Assistance) Budget line.

Any pay savings resulting from underspends during the academic year, will be rolled back and utilised centrally.

I have not fully utilised my recurrent NON-Pay budget; Can I roll forward the balance to the next financial period?

Recurrent Budgets are allocated with a view that they must be spent within the timeframe stipulated, and must be demonstrated thus to the HEA.

As such, any savings which arise as a result of budgetary under spends at the end of the financial year may not be rolled forward to the next financial period.

Net savings are rolled up at the College level to be used strategically at the discretion of  the Dean.

I have over spent my recurrent NON-Pay budget; Will I be penalised in the next financial period?

The treatment of over spent Non Pay Budgets at the end of the year is at the discretion of the Dean, as net over spends will be rolled up at the College level.

It is not uncommon however for Deans to reduce Non Pay Budgets in subsequent financial periods by the excess from the prevous period.

What is a BUDACC?

The budget is split into different categories using BUDACC for your NON-Pay, PTA, etc. D300 is the Budacc for all Non Pay expenditure.

The Table below shows all the budget categories and the corresponding BUDACC codes:

Budacc Description

How can I filter information on a report for specific time periods / expenditures etc.?

After the report has been loaded, enter desired criteria in any of the white boxes provided below the report headings. Rehit the "Search"-Button to view filtered details.

In the example, period has been restricted to 200902 (November 2009)

How to I get my report into Excel?

When you have run a report you can copy the results to an Excel spreadsheet by selecting the "Export" button at the bottom of the report.

Click "Browser" when the pop up window appears.

Click "Open"

The report now opens as an Excel Spreadsheet.

How to request access to Agresso and accounts?

In order to create a new User Account in Agresso, please raise a ticket with the ISS helpdesk.

How can I review Budget Movements?

The budget movements can be viewed from within the relevant expenditure report (e.g. Discipline, School, College, Support Area).

Within the expenditure report, ensure that you select the Detail Level of “All levels”.

Over at the very right hand side of the report you will see a Column entitled “Links to reports”.

Wherever there is an entry for a budget amount, you can click the dropdown box and select “Budget Detail”.  This will open up a separate browser window with the detailed budget information.

 Note: If nothing happens when you click the Budget table link, you may need to disable the pop-up blocker in your Internet Browser.  This can be done as follows:

Internet Explorer

Tools - Pop Up Blocker – Turn off Pop Up Blocker


Tools – Options – Content (Untick the Check-box for “Block pop-up windows”)

Google Chrome        

Go to Settings – Advanced Settings

Under Privacy, click Content Settings……

Under Pop-Ups, click “Allow all sites to show pop-ups”

Safari (Mac)        

Go to Preferences – Security

Turn off “Block pop-up windows”

Agresso Tips

Having trouble locating a specific AGRESSO report?

AGRESSO 5.5 on the web has a greatly improved and more intuitive Global Reporting menu. Simply select the appropriate subfolder option under the Global Reporting Menu to find the Reporting option you require (e.g Recurrent Budget Reports).

Don't know what is the best view/report to use in AGRESSO?

You should only need to use a very small handful of views or reports in AGRESSO. Use this short summary for the most commonly used AGRESSO reports (click on name for address in menu):

Recurrent Budget Reports

  • Recurrent Expenditure vs Budget Report- shows current year expenditure against budget
  • Payroll Expenditure vs Budget Report - shows current year payroll cost against budget by grade
  • Recurrent Expenditure Detail Report - shows all non pay costs for the current financial period, including customer and invoice information

Research Accounts Views

  • Research Budget vs Actual Expenditure - shows all Research Expenditure since the start of the project and compares to budget.

Capital Accounts Views

  • Capital Projects Enquiry Budget vs Actual - shows all Capital Expenditure since the start of the project and compares to budget.