Graduate Testimonials

Read what our graduates have to say about the Occupational Therapy programme.


"I work as an Occupational Therapist in a busy acute hospital. On a daily basis I assess patients carrying out meaningful daily activities and identify factors which limit their independence. From this I work with the patient to maximise their ability to participate in daily activities or modify the environment to accommodate their needs and make recommendations to ensure a safe discharge. My job is very dynamic and involves constant interaction with different types of people. No two days are ever the same!

The course in NUIG gives you a solid grounding in theory, research and communication skills that can be transferred to whatever area you choose to work in. The four placements throughout the course help to put theory into practice and give a wide variety of experience. Within the college the staff are always available to help and the small class sizes give great peer support and lifelong friendships".

Lisa McKeon 
Occupational Therapy Graduate



"Studying Occupational Therapy in NUI was great and the four years seemed to fly by.  The fieldwork placements really helped to put into practice the theory learned during the semesters. 

Working as an Occupational Therapist is a job I would highly recommend.  Apart from working along side other professionals (psychologists, social workers, doctors and nurses) you work with people who have lost particular aspects of their independence due to some form of disability or illness."

Brian Purcell 
Occupational Therapy Graduate 




"As part of my fourth year in the BSc Occupational Therapy programme in NUIG, I had the unique opportunity to complete an eight week placement in India. I worked alongside a team of health care professionals committed to promoting the rehabilitation and recovery of clients with brain injury and spinal cord injury. This experience was literally a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was made possible by the support and encouragement of the OT discipline in NUIG.  Working in India and experiencing the Indian culture was amazing!" 

Edel Siney 
Occupational Therapy Graduate 



 "The occupational therapy programme at NUI Galway offers a broad range of learning opportunities.  As students we learned through theoretical lectures, problem based learning, practical workshops and service learning.  I felt that this mix not only helped me understand and learn the concepts of occupational therapy practice but also enabled me to develop the practical skills that are required when working as a therapist. 

A qualification in Occupational Therapy opens up opportunities to work in a meaningful way with a diverse range of people, from young children to older adults who have varying needs from occupational therapy.  A qualification in Occupational Therapy has given me the opportunity to work with adults with mental health difficulties, enabling them to develop the skills needed to enter or return to work or education.   This work can be challenging, but it is always rewarding."

Anne Connolly 
Occupational Therapy Graduate