The School of Medicine, through the Athena SWAN Bronze award, committed to a 3-year Action Plan (2018-2020). This action plan has allowed the Self-Assessment Team (SAT) to recommend, lead, and partner in many engaging and impactful initiatives since 2017 - the end goal being to improve equality of opportunity and outcome in the SoM through visibility, supports, and new policies or procedures.

Please review the Report Cards below for some of the main accomplishments which are linked to the work of the School of Medicine Athena SWAN SAT. A huge thank you to SAT members past and present, and all of our colleagues in the School of Medicine, for making this possible.  Although we have progressed since achieving our first Athena SWAN Bronze award, this is a journey, and will take time and patience to achieve.  The SAT look forward to working with the School and the College going forward as we work to achieve a Silver Athena SWAN award in the coming years.

SoM 2018 Athena SWAN Report Card

SoM 2019 Athena SWAN Report Card

Athena Swan Bronze Award

 ‌Key Achievements