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Our Committment to Equality

The School of Nursing & Midwifery (SoNM) is committed to upholding the ten key principles of the Athena SWAN Charter. By being part of Athena SWAN, Institutions and Schools commit to this progressive charter; adopting these principles within their policies, practices, action plans and culture. Our aim within the SoNM is to create an environment in which all staff and students succeed and thrive, feel supported, valued and included, and in which all forms of staff and student achievements are recognised.

Our Plan of Action

Our School is currently working to undertake the data gathering and review process needed to apply for a Bronze Athena SWAN award in Academic Year 2020/2021.We are working closely with the NUI Galway Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity (OVPED) to further gender equality in the policies and practices across our School and within our College and University community. The University's central actions on gender equality can be followed on the OVPED Gender Equality website.

Any questions pertaining to the SoNM Athena SWAN work and activities are welcomed by the School's Self-Assessment Team (

Our Team

The SoNM’s Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (SAT) is responsible for review and monitoring of gender equality in the School and the Athena SWAN award application process. Our SAT currently has 19 members from across the School and is Chaired by Prof Dympna Casey. If you would like to join the SAT please contact the Chair, or reach out to a team member to learn more.

School of Nursing and Midwifery SAT

Name  Role
Dympna Casey, Chair Professor, SoNM
Sinéad Lydon Vice-Dean Equality, Diversity, and Wellbeing, CMNHS
Tonya Watts Equality and Diversity Project Manager, CMNHS
Duygu Sezgin Lecturer, SoNM
Magdalena Ohaja    Lecturer, SoNM
Louise Murphy Lecturer, SoNM
Deirdre McGreevy Administrative Assistant, SoNM
Sylvia McDonagh Intern Programme Administrator, SoM
Andrew Hunter    Lecturer, SoNM
Patricia Healy Lecturer, SoNM
Georgina Gethin Senior Lecturer, SoNM
Mary Gannon Lecturer, SoNM
Sandra Galvin    Senior Research Fellow, SoNM
Tom Fitzgerald Integration and Development Officer, SoNM
Deirdre Fitzgerald    Lecturer, SoNM
Elaine Finucane Research Associate, SoNM
Peter Carr    Senior Lecturer, SoNM
Miriam Brennan Lecturer, SoNM
Linda Biesty    Lecturer, SoNM
Cillin Burke UG Student, SoNM

Terms of Reference

  1. To collaboratively develop AS-principle based programmes and mechanisms to support equality, diversity and inclusiveness in the SoNM.
  2. To oversee implementation of these programmes through specific action plans.
  3. To regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the SoNM AS-SAT action plans, and identify areas for improvement and upcoming challenges.
  4. To disseminate relevant information in a timely manner to the SoNM community, the School Board, Vice-dean for Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing CMNHS, the Equality and Diversity Project Manager CMNHS, and the VP for Diversity and Equality (including updates on the status of AS action plans).
  5. To offer the SoNM community opportunities to evaluate and contribute to the AS plan.
  6. To undertake a formal annual review of progress achieved on the AS-SAT plan and plan AS activities and initiatives for the upcoming year.
  7. To revise the AS programme in the event of failure to achieve an AS award.
  8. To Implement any AS approved Programme.