Our postgraduate programmes will equip you with the knowledge and skills to further your personal and professional goals, providing you with opportunities for role expansion and improving healthcare in your area of practice. 

Choose an option that suits you

Our range of Specialist Masters/Postgraduate Diplomas in Health Sciences programmes allow you to complete your Masters qualification in two years, with the first year focused on the taught element and the second year on the completion of a research thesis. You can also coose a Professional Credit Award and complete stand-alone module or modules. Several postgraduate research programmes are also available. 

Benefit from Blended Learning

With a combination of online and face-to-face learning, our programmes are accessible to health professionals with full-time work committments. 

Learn from experts 

You will learn from academics with a wealth of teaching, research and clinical expertise, dedicated to shaping practice and the health service of the future. 

Deepen your knowledge

Invest in postgraduate study and deepen your knowledge and skills and gain a specialist qualification in nursing. Our postgraduate programmes will advance your professional skills and improve your career prospects.

Postgraduate Courses

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Course Name PAC Code College/school
Nursing Education (PDip) 1PNE1
Nursing Education (Master of Health Sciences) 1HVN4
Nursing: Acute Medicine (MHSc/PDip)—full-time 1MDU1 School of Nursing and Midwifery
Nursing: Advanced Practice with Prescribing (PDip) 1PMA1
Nursing: Advanced Practice with Prescribing (Masters) 1HV8 (Masters)
Nursing: Emergency Care (MHSc/PDip)—full-time 1MCE1 (full-time)
Nursing: Gerontology (Master/PDip in Health Sciences [Gerontology]—full-time, and top up) 1MGE1—full-time
Nursing: Intensive Care (MHSc/PDip, full-time) 1MDI1—full-time 1MDI3—top-up
Nursing: Midwifery (HDip) HDM1
Nursing: Nurse/Midwife Prescribing (Certificate in) 1CNP1
Nursing: Oncology and Haematology (MHSc/PDip, full-time) 1MDO1—full-time
Nursing: Palliative Care (MHSc/PDip, full-time) 1MDL1—full-time 1MDL3—top-up School of Nursing and Midwifery
Master/PDip Health Science (Public Health Nursing)—full-time (formerly “Nursing: Public Health Nursing”) PHG01—full-time 1MDH3—top-up Apply at www.pac.ie/phn
Nursing: Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Wound Healing and Tissue Repair) 1MDW1 School of Nursing and Midwifery
Children's Palliative Care/Complex Care (MHSc/PDip full-time) 1MDC1 (full-time)
Nursing: Perioperative (Master/PDip in Health Sciences [Perioperative]—full-time, and top up) 1MDP1—full time 1MDP3—top-up School of Nursing and Midwifery

PhD/MPhil (Nursing & Midwifery)