Health challenges demand a continued effort to develop innovative technology-based solutions. At NUI Galway we currently have medical technology excellence bourne out in the Biomechanics Research Centre (BioMEC), the Translational Medical Device Lab  (TMDL) and the Smart Sensors Laboratory (SSL) at NUI Galway.

BioMEC implements engineering analysis and biology to inform next-generation medical device design for cardiovascular, pulmonary and orthopaedic applications in collaboration with national and international academic institutions, and medical device partners (Stryker, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Johnson and Johnson). The TMDL and SSL are the only medical device labs in Ireland to be embedded in a regional hospital, University Hospital Galway, and co-located with the HRB-CRF, ensuring all research activities are informed by both the voice of the clinician and patient. Both labs are focused on next-generation “smart” medical technologies, and have a significant track record of technology licencing, spin-out company formation, and clinical evaluation of new medical devices at University Hospital Galway.

BioMEC conducts in-vitro experimental and computational research into the multi-scale mechanics of the body and medical devices and mechanobiology of healthy/injured/diseased tissue and cells. BioMEC develops novel approaches to understand the interaction between the human biological system and biomedical implants and devices. They also explore blood flow and biomolecule (drug, gene) elution and transport. BioMEC is at the forefront of the field of personalised medicine, with leading expertise in developing in silico clinical trial platforms for vascular devices.

The TMDL and the SSL focus on ensuring real and tangible clinical impact via industry-oriented research activities. The teams adopt the BioDesign/iCORPs/Lean methodology to iteratively design, develop and commercialise medical device technologies. The teams have developed and licenced novel IP to a wide range of local MedTech companies, including Kite Medical, Venari Medical, Neurent Medical, Endowave, Tympany Medical, Relievium, Capri Medical and Aurigen Medical.  Core technologies include radiofrequency/microwave/IRE ablation, implantable sensors and medical imaging.  BioMEC, TMDL and the SSL have an extensive track record in publications, awards and securing research funds, nationally and internationally, totalling approximately €23.5million since 2015.