Disorders of the brain and nervous system account for 35% of Europe’s total disease burden at an annual cost of €800 billion. One in three people will suffer from a neurological or psychiatric disorder.

Neuroscience at NUI Galway is multidisciplinary and cross-College.  The Galway Neuroscience Centre (GNC), founded in 2004, brings together 34 principal investigators and clinicians at NUI Galway and affiliated hospitals with interests in advancing the understanding and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Research within GNC, together with the Centre for Pain Research (CPR) and Centre for Neuroimaging and Cognitive Genomics (NICOG).

Centre for Pain Research is the first and only centre in Ireland to span basic science through to clinical management of pain at individual and population levels. Neurotechnology and neural biomaterials are critical areas of strength underpinned by research within CÚRAM

Galway Neuroscience Centre was designated an international Centre of Excellence in Neurodegeneration (CoEN) in 2012 following peer review.  Neuroscience researchers have published >500 full, peer-reviewed papers since 2015, including Nature, Science, and Cell.  Neuroscience and pain research have attracted highly competitive funding (ERC, H2020, SFI, IRC Laureate, HRB Leaders; ~€23.2 million currently active). Research spans bench to bedside via collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians in pain management, anaesthesia, neurology, psychology, and psychiatry. It includes ten ongoing clinical trials in pain, bipolar disorder, stroke, psychosis and autism.  Neuroscience has a very strong education, outreach and public engagement programme, e.g. two MSc programmes, structured PhD modules, Brain Awareness Week, Ireland’s first Brain Bee competition, informing Government policy (medicinal cannabis), and high profile, award-winning documentaries on bipolar disorder (Mood Atlas, Dr. Dara Cannon), stroke (A Tiny Spark, Dr. Karen Doyle) and Parkinson’s disease (Feats of Modest Valour, Dr. Eilis Dowd).