Course Overview

A two minute introduction to the Masters in Clinical Education

The Masters in Clinical Education and its associated Diploma and Certificate courses have been designed to equip all health professionals, regardless of disciplinary background, with the knowledge and skills required for effective clinical education. The courses are also designed to help participants to become effective clinical supervisors and motivators of student learning.  All three programmes are delivered online via distance learning thus making it possible for applicants in full-time work to take the courses.

The three course options:

  • The Certificate in Clinical Education is an introductory course for health professionals interested in developing themselves as clinical educators.  It runs over eight months from September to April.
  • The Diploma in Clinical Education is a medium level course designed for health professionals who are interested in devoting a dedicated part of their working life to teaching and learning.  The so-called full-time diploma is delivered over one calendar year from September to August.  The part-time diploma in clinical education is delivered over two years which students take three modules in the first year and three modules in the second year.
  • The Masters in Clinical Education is a high level course designed to help professionals who are interested in taking on leadership or scholarship rules within health professions education.  Applicants need to complete the diploma course before being deemed eligible to apply for the Masters course and/or present evidence of having achieved a diploma level qualification in a similar health professions education course elsewhere.


The courses are all recognised for external CPD by the postgraduate training bodies.

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(Note: all programmes are suitable for those in full-time employment)

For more information on the course content click Clinical Education Course Handbook 2016



Applications and Selections

Applications are made online via The Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC). Relevant PAC application code(s) above.

Who Teaches this Course

Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate

Prof. Peter Cantillon (Course Director)
Prof. Timothy Emlyn-Jones
Dr. Rosemary Geoeghan
Ms. Geraldine Grady
Dr. Peter Hayes
Ms. Pauline May
Dr. Paul O'Connor
Mr. Terri  McVeigh
Ms. Sally Whelan

Dr. Louise Campbell
Prof. Peter Cantillon
Ms. Geraldine Grady
Dr. Catherine Houghton
Mr. Ben Meehan
Dr. Paul O'Connor

Requirements and Assessment

  1. All applicants should be involved either formally or informally in teaching activity.
  2. All applicants should have a prior health professional degree or qualification.

 The assessment strategy for this program is designed to ensure that all of the assessment methods used leads to educational designs or tools that are of direct benefit to each student.  In practice this means that each student adapts the assignment task/theme to one that suits his/her clinical context and work as a teacher.  Previous students have used this approach to develop a range of teaching strategies, lesson plans and teaching tools that they continue to use and have disseminated amongst their own communities.

Key Facts

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be registered healthcare professionals with at least two years’ post-registration experience, and be actively involved in clinical education. General computer literacy is essential as parts of the programme are delivered via distance learning. In addition, for the Master’s, at least 60% in the PDip in Clinical Education or equivalent is required. Selection is based on ability/opportunity to apply learning to your daily work, relevant experience, and academic record.

Additional Requirements


Masters; PDip: 1 year, full-time, in-service
PDip: (also, 2 years part-time)
PgCert: 8 months (Sept-April)

Next start date

September 2018

A Level Grades ()

Average intake

Masters: 10 PDip | PgCert | Stand-alone module, combined: 40

Closing Date

Please refer to the review/closing date website.


Next start date

September 2018

NFQ level

Mode of study


ECTS weighting

Masters 150 ECTS; PDip 90 ECTS; PgCert 60 ECTS.



PAC code

GYM44 (Masters)
GYM11 (PDip) full-time
GYM12 (PDip) part-time
GYM43 (PgCert)

Course Outline

Module Titles








Learning theory in Clinical Settings Required Required Required
Course design and evaluation Required Required Required
Clinical teaching methodolgies Required Required Required
Foundations of assessment Required Required Required
Creativity and innovation   Optional (select 2) Optional (select 2)
Simulation   Optional (select 2) Optional (select 2)
Leadership and management   Optional (select 2) Optional (select 2)
Advanced assessment   Optional (select 2) Optional (select 2)
Professional development   Optional (select 2) Optional (select 2)
Evidence base education     Required
Educational Research methods     Required
Educational research thesis     Required
Duration 8 months 12 or 24 months 24 or 36 months

The courses are delivered mostly by distance learning, with some face-to-face workshops in Galway as follows:

  •  PgCert: six days (two consecutive weekdays in September and four Saturdays between October and March).
  •  PDip: eight days (two consecutive weekdays in September and six Saturdays between October and May).
  •  Master’s: in addition to the Diploma days, ten days (two consecutive weekdays in each of Sept., Oct., Nov., Feb., and April).

The combination of distance learning and face-to-face workshops allows you to engage in learning at a time and place that suits your lifestyle. The course is accredited for CME, and An Bord Altranais nurse tutor approval is pending.

For more information on the course content, download the Course Handbook below

Clinical Education Course Handbook 2016

Module details for GYM44 (Masters)
Module details for GYM11 (PDip) full-time
Module details for GYM12 (PDip) part-time
Module details for GYM43 (PgCert)



Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

Our clinical education focus leads to major changes in how you will be able to facilitate the learning and development of your students in clinical settings. You will know more about how learners learn, how to create safe and effective learning environments, how to assess learners and how to support their professional development. These courses will help you create new pedagogical approaches and improve the clinical education experience for learners.

Who’s Suited to This Course

Learning Outcomes


Work Placement

Study Abroad

Related Student Organisations

Course Fees

Fees: EU

€4,915 p.a. 2017/18

Fees: Tuition

€4,691 p.a. 2017/18

Fees: Student levy

€224 p.a. 2017/18

Fees: Non EU

€13,750 p.a. 2017/18

EU Course Fees:

EU fee for Masters: €4,915
EU fee for PDip: €4,915
EU fee for PgCert: €2,675
EU fee for Module: €850

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