Our programmes will allow learners to:

  • Provide enhanced patient care and improve patient safety
  • Become effective facilitators, supervisors, assessors and motivators of student learning.
  • Become competent in the design, implementation and reporting of clinical and bench research
  • Develop advanced proficiency in the translation of scientific innovations into clinical practice
  • Become expert in the application of best evidence into clinical practice
  • Develop and manufacture the next generation of advanced therapeutic products including stem cell therapies and tissue engineered products

All of our programmes and CPD modules are designed to provide deep and flexible conceptual knowledge whilst ensuring that new understandings inform enhanced clinical practice.

Some of our 19/20 Masters Students at the Induction day at the beginning of the semester. ‌

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Course Name Course Code College/school
Cellular Manufacturing and Therapy (MSc/PDip/PgCert) 1CMT1, 1CMT2, 1CMT3, 1CMT4, 1CMT6 School of Medicine
Cheminformatics and Toxicology (MSc) 1CIT1 School of Medicine
Clinical Education (Master of, PDip/Cert) 1CED1, Master's; 1CED9, 1CED10, PDips; CDM4, stand-alone modules. School of Medicine
Clinical Research (MSc, full-time and part-time) 1MCR1 (full-time) 1MCR2 (part-time) School of Medicine & HRB Clinical Research Facility
Diabetes (Medicine) (MSc) 1DIA1 School of Medicine
Exercise Physiology and its Application in Therapy (MSc) 1EPT1 (full-time); 1 EPT2 (part-time) School of Medicine
Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation (MSc) EPT5 School of Medicine
Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety (MSc, PDipSc) 1HSP1, 1HSP3 (MSc, Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety) 1HSP9 (PDipSc, Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety) School of Medicine
Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine 1ICM1 School of Medicine
Multidisciplinary Radiology (MSc/PDip) 1MRY1, MSc, full-time 1MRY2, MSc, part-time 1MRY3, PDip, full-time 1MRY4, PDip, part-time School of Medicine
Obesity (MSc) 1OBS1 (full-time); 1OBS2 (part-time) Medicine
Preventive Cardiology (MSc) 1MPY1 School of Medicine
Regenerative Medicine (MSc) 1MSR1 School of Medicine
Surgery, Masters in (MCh) 1MCH3, full-time 1MCH1, part-time School of Medicine