iRelate HeaderIn order to assess how the environment, immune system, and genetics can influence parts of the brain associated with thoughts and feelings, we use clinical interviews, questionnaires, tests of attention and memory as well as an optional MRI scan.

There are two study visits involved in our project. The first visit is a clinical assessment and interview, asking about symptoms and illness history. The second visit involves an assessment of memory and  concentration, a stress test, and small blood samples. These two visits take place at University Hospital Galway. In addition, patients have the option of attending for an MRI scan which takes place at St. James’s Hospital, Dublin. If you would like to participate or would like more information, please contact:

Dr Maria Dauvermann:, 091 – 495953 or 085 – 2423300

Basic inclusion criteria

  • Aged 18-65
  • No current substance misuse (within the last month)