Online learning at NUI Galway provides opportunities for distance learners to upgrade their skills and qualifications in line with current trends in the world of business. Accredited courses are offered in the areas of business and commerce, economics, business law, management, innovation and technology. These include diploma, degree and master’s programmes delivered via blended learning. It offers a convenient, flexible way of combining your work and study life, and allows you to integrate your everyday work experience with the academic knowledge you will be exposed to, enhancing both areas. If you are considering a new departure in your career, a business qualification will assist you. It will stand to you as a means of developing your self-knowledge, expanding your skills set and enhancing your career prospects.

Commerce (Degree) - online
Learning & Development (Diploma)
Management (Diploma) - online
Marketing (Diploma) - online
Business Studies (Higher Diploma) - online
Cybersecurity for Business (PG Cert)