Continuing Professional Development Credit (CPD)

In an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing labour market, upgrading your qualifications has never been more important. NUI Galway has a long tradition of working with employers and professions in the region to develop programmes which meet the up-skilling and re-skilling requirements of organisations and individuals.

All our programmes are industry focused and are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate demanding work patterns. Programmes provide leading-edge theoretical content which is applied in practical work-place settings.  CPD programmes consist of short 2-3 day programmes which address a specific skills requirement or longer term certificate/diploma/degree or masters programmes in professional and vocational areas of study. 

Standalone modules: As each module is a self-contained learning unit with a specified number of credits attached, students have the option of taking stand alone modules from individual courses for the purposes of up-skilling.  These modules can be accumulated towards an overall award at a later stage.  For more information, see the course description of the subject area that is of interest to you.

CPD programmes include:



Refer to the college website for a range of course options.