Student Support

NUI Galway has a wide range of student support services available to online learning students. Every programme has a course director or coordinator, programme administrator and module tutors.  Your module tutor is the first point of contact for all matters regarding to the module content, while the programme coordinator can assist you in your admissions, registration and general administration queries.  All are committed to providing a high level of support to students throughout the programme.

Indeed many of the students registering for an online programme have been away from formal education for some time. Students sometimes doubt their own ability to succeed, or find submitting assignments and doing written examinations a very daunting prospect. Programme staff are very aware of these anxieties and our lecturers and tutors are conscious of the difficulties that students experience in returning to education. They are fully supportive and are there to assist you in any way possible. Help is there when you need it - all you have to do is ask.  

Student Support Workshops

A number of student support services include workshops on study skills, examination techniques, applied writing, reading skills and memory techniques are also provided. These are generally scheduled outside face-to-face module seminars and assist students in preparing for module assignments and end-of-semester examinations. While these workshops are optional, students are encouraged to attend as many as possible, particularly during the first year of their study programme. Students who attend these workshops regularly comment on how useful they are, particularly in providing valuable study tips and techniques.     

Networking with Fellow Students

Students are encouraged to create their own informal support groups and networks with other students whom they meet with during the course of their studies.  Feedback from students indicate that such networks form a valuable part of their online learning expereince. 

Non-Academic Supports

As a student of NUI Galway, you have access to the on-campus services available to all students. For details of these, go to: