Which browser should I use to access Online Payslips (Employee Self Service)?

You can access Core Portal using the following browsers: Explorer v9, v10, or V11, Mozilla Firefox v32.0, Google Chrome v38.0
or Mobile Safari IOS 8

I can login to my Campus Account but not Online Payslips (Employee Self Service)?

Core Portal passwords cannot contain ‘£’. Staff with a ‘£’ in their campus account password will be able to access Blackboard, WiFi, Edugate, the Ticketing System and CASS, but they will not be able to access Core Portal.

You need to reset your Campus Account password through CASS (omitting ‘£’), or contact the Library & I.T. Service Desk

I get a blank page or page not loading issues in CORE Portal

You need to edit your browser compatibility setting
In Internet Explorer
From the tool bar along the top of the screen click on Tools > Compatibility View settings

In the Add this website: field enter (see example in the screenshot below)

Click on Add
Click on Close

Photos uploaded on Core Portal not accepted in CORE Back Office

Photos uploaded on Core Portal not accepted in CORE Back Office

Some users have noticed that if they upload a new photo in Core Portal it does not upload to Core back office. This is because of file type being "progressive JPEG" and it should be "JPEG".  JPEG images of the “progressive” type are often used for web graphics.

To change a progressive JPEG to JPEG, in Windows, simply use Microsoft Paint to open a JPEG then SAVE. This will convert a progressive JPEG to baseline type.

JPEG images can be created with either baseline or progressive compression. Baseline JPEG is supported on CORE. Progressive method is specifically for web site images which allows large images to be displayed “progressively” as it downloads.