Stem cell biology

This programme involves the research and use of adult human stem cells for therapeutic benefit. Research programmes at REMEDI will initially focus on the behaviour of mesenchymal stem cells and refine techniques to isolate and grow them. More importantly, researchers will investigate the factors that induce or coax stem cells to differentiate into different cell types.

Gene therapy

REMEDI researchers are focussing on the genetic modification of cells or tissues to promote tissue regeneration and/or repair for the treatment of severe diseases such as myocardial infarction, osteoarthritis and spinal cord injury.


The aim of this programme is to develop novel stem cell based therapeutics for osteoarthritis and cartilage repair. Our goal is to develop these therapies using adult bone marrow stem cells to promote the regrowth of healthy cartilage and repair damaged joints.


This programme involves assessing host immune response to stem cell and gene therapy. Understanding how the body's immune system responds to transplanted cells and genes is critical in developing new therapeutic strategies.


The aim of this programme is to develop novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of atherosclerotic vascular diseases. The major areas of research are in the use of mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells for cardiac and vascular repair, the development of medical devices for stem cell administration, the use of biomaterials for stem cell delivery in cardiovascular disease and understanding the pathogenesis of diabetic vascular disease.

Socio economic and bioethical research

This programme involves the socio-economic and bioethical aspects of stem cell and gene therapy research and explores ethical issues and socio-economic determinants and impacts in the fields of stem cell and gene therapy research.

National Stem Cell Manufacturing Facility

This is a dedicated facility to produce cellular therapeutic products such as adenoviral vectors and adult mesenchymal stem cells, according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Researchers at REMEDI have access to the following facilities and equipment:


Scanning electron microscope with x ray analysis system - NCBES
Transmission electron microscope - NCBES
TEM section preparation - ultracryomicrotome, metal mirror cryofixation, freeze substitution
Glass knife maker
Scanning FT-IR spectrometer with microscope - NCBES
Atomic force and scanning tunnelling microscopy systems - NCBES
Impedance spectrometer - NCBES
Confocal microscope - NCBES
Raman microscope - NCBES
Fluorescence lifetime equipment - NCBES
Nikon fluorescent and light microscopes
Inverted fluorescent microscope plus image analysis software
MMI laser scanning microscope
Olympus fluorescent microscope with image capture software
Optigrid platform with Volocity 3D/4D image capture software

Materials Testing Equipment - NCBES

BIAcore biosensor
Differential scanning colorimeter (DSC)
Origin 3800 high performance computer with SGI workstations
Universal stress rheometer
Coordinate measurement machine
Dynamic mechanical thermal analyser
Sinterstation 2500plus rapid prototyper
Femtosecond laser
Axial torsion testing machine
Nano-indenter with AFM head
Pin on disc tribometer
High frequency fatigue machine

Tissue Culture Laboratories - NCBES

Fully equipped tissue culture suites (centrifuges, incubators, class II safety cabinets etc.)
Cell storage for master cell/virus banks
Hypoxic chamber
Cell storage bar code identification and labelling software

DNA Analysis Lab Equipment

Rapid plate and twister arm liquid handling
Agilent bioanalyser
Microarray scanner and printer
Real time quantitative PCR machine
ABI 96 well real time PCR fast system
Standard PCR set-up gel rigs, image capture and densitometry apparatus
Bacterial cloning equipment - incubators and centrifuges

Protein/Vector Analysis Equipment

GC/LC mass spectrometer with QTOF
Acta FPLC system for vector isolation
Acta FPLC chromatography system for liposome experiments
Particle size analyser
High speed Sorvall and Beckmann centrifuges
Nanodrop spectrohotometer
Ultra low temperature freezers
Plate readers, luminometry and fluorescence capabilities
2-D gel electrophoresis equipment and image analysis equipment
Guava Easycyte System
FACS Canto �"� and FACS Aria �"� Flow cytometers

Histology Laboratory

Tissue processor
Parrafin wax embedder
Rotary microtome
Float out bath
Slide staining equipment
FACS Canto flow cytometer
FACS Aria flow cytometer
Guava flow cytometer
Tissue processor
Wax embedder
Sorvall ultracentrifuges
FPLC x 2

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