Research partners

We collaborate with strategic industry partners for research, education and technology transfer. There are a number of ongoing collaborations between NUI Galway researchers and industry.

NCBES joins with global pharmaceutical manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb
NUI Galway's National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science and Dublin City University has collaborated with Bristol-Myers Squibb and the IDA to invest €9.6 million in the development of a Centre for Bioanalytical Sciences.

REMEDI partners with Creganna
REMEDI have formed a partnership with Creganna, a provider of technologies for minimally & less invasive delivery and access systems.

REMEDI joins forces with Medtronic
REMEDI's major industrial healthcare cooperation is with Medtronic Inc., a world leader in medical device technologies.

Combustion Chemistry Centre joins forces with Saudi Aramco, the largest petrochemical company in the world

NUI Galway's Combustion Chemistry Centre provides world-leading expertise and cutting-edge technology in their collaboration with the Saudi Arabian petrochemical company Saudi Aramco to investigate the combustion of selected fuels.

Combustion Chemistry Centre joins with Roll-Royce Canada Ltd. studying alternative fuels for gas turbines

NUI Galway's Combustion Chemistry Centre has joined ventures with one of the leading suppliers in energy systems, Rolls Royce Canada Ltd., to study alternative fuels in gas turbines.

Combustion Chemistry Centre partners with Renault studying automotive fuels

With a proven record in developing environmental-friendly vehicle designs Renault is collaborating with NUI Galway's Combustion Chemistry Group to investigate the development of new automotive fuels.

Research areas

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