Mr George Bishop

Contact Details

PhD Student
Aras de Brun, Room 1015
National University of Ireland
Galway University Road
Galway H91 REW4 Ireland


George Bishop is PhD researcher in the College of Science, NUI Galway. He is part of an SFI funded project: Innovative Energy Technologies for Biofuels, Bioenergy and a Sustainable Bioeconomy (IETSBIO3) under PI, Professor Piet N. L. Lens. George’s PhD project is looking to benchmark the environmental impacts of bio-based plastics through life cycle assessment methodology. This PhD will assess if bioplastic production, use and disposal has a smaller environmental impact than conventional plastic and identify the more efficient environmentally sustainable feedstocks for bioplastic production. Conventional plastic chains will be explored to better understand the quantities, flows and management of plastics passing through different “end-of-life” options. This project will also develop a novel and innovative methodology for how to best represent plastic persistence in the environment, addressing the emerging and poorly characterised threat of widespread contamination by micro-plastics within a life cycle assessment (product footprint) framework.  His academic supervisors are Professor Piet N.L. Lens and Dr. David Styles.    

In 2018 he completed a MSc in Environmental and Business Management MSc from Bangor University, graduating with distinction, following a BSc degree in Environmental Science also from the Welsh university.

George is also a Practitioner Member of IEMA.