All staff and scholarship student claims for reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence expenses must be claimed by using the On Line Agresso system via your six-digit ID number.

If you don't have access to Agresso - Travel Exepenses, please see getting started on Agresso.

Staff six-digit ID number

Only staff who are paid via payroll with a six-digit ID number can use the Financial System Agresso for claiming travel & expenses. Your six-digit ID number is your staff / payroll / personnel number which is displayed on your Payslip and Bank Statement.

Where an employee (either full time / part-time / hourly paid) carries out work for NUI Galway, then NUI Galway is their normal place of work for this employment. As per NUI Galway travel and subsistence policy, expenses will not be paid in respect of any portion of a journey which covers all or part of the claimant's travel to/from their normal place of work. Please contact if you have any queries.

Student Scholarship six-digit ID number

Students who are claiming expenses as part of their scholarship must use their six-digit ID number attached to their scholarship. (Do not use your payroll ID number associated with the hourly payment process)

Your scholarship payments from NUI Galway will show your 6 digit scholarship number as a reference on your bank statement. 

If you can't locate your number on your bank statement, then you should contact your academic supervisor/director, who will be able to view your number in the column headed “Staff/Student” on Agresso reports.  (Note: Scholarship six digit ID number is only available on Agresso to view after the first Scholarship payment is paid to the individual)

  • A good example of a research funder expenditure report (i.e. cost centres beginning with “R”) for scholarships is Research Expenditure Detail by Category (w)
  • A good example of a recurrent budget report (i.e. cost centres beginning with “D”) for scholarships is Scholarship Expenditure Detail (w).