Workshop Days

These days are indicative only. There might be changes nearer the time.

Semester 1 workshop days


Orientation Thursday 6 September 2018
Best Practice in Cervical Smear Taking (NU581) TBA
Clinical Governance: Supporting Safe Practice (NU623) CORE Wednesday afternoons (2-5), 3 October, 31 October, 21 November 2018
Care of the Child & Family with Palliative / Complex Needs (NU6444) Tuesdays 2 October and 13 November 2018
High Dependency Maternity Care (NU568) Monday 15 October and Tuesday 16 October, MCQ Friday 14 December 2018
Management of Venous Leg Ulceration (NU6104) September, October and November; OSCE December TBA
Quality of Life & Symptom Management in Children’s Palliative / Complex Care (NU6446) Wednesday 3 October (9-1), Tuesday 16 October (9-5), Wednesday 31 October (9-1) 2018
Palliative Approaches to Symptom Management (NU150) Wednesday 3 October (9-1), Thursday 18 October (9-5), Wednesday 31 October (9-1) 2018
Principles of Acute Medical Nursing (NU606) Tuesdays 16 October and 13 November 2018
Recognising and Responding to Client Deterioration (NU605) Wednesdays 26 September (9-5), 3 October (9-1), and 31 October (9-1), Exam Thursday 6 December 2018
Teaching Effectively (NU625) Monday afternoons (2-5), October and November TBA

Semester 2 workshop days


Orientation TBA
Advanced Research Methods (NU502) CORE Tuesdays, 15 January, 26 February and 12 March 2019
Advanced Wound Care Management (NU438) Tuesdays, January, February and Skills day April TBA
Cardiac Nursing Management (NU6105) Thursday, 7 Feb 2019, another later (no date decided)
Dementia Care: Transforming Practice (NU634) Wednesdays, January and February TBA
End of Life Care: Psychological & Social Perspectives (NU566) Thursdays, 24 January and 21 February 2019
Introduction to Clinical Supervision: Supporting Continuing Professional Development (NU622) Wednesdays, 24 January and 21 February 2018
Management of the Diabetic Foot Disease (PO5101) Tuesdays, January, February and Skills day mid-April TBA
Specialist Practice in Complex Care for Children (UCD_NU6445) Wednesdays, January and March in Dublin, UCD, TBA
Student-centered Learning: Active Teaching Strategies (NU644) Mondays, February, March TBA
Vascular Disease (PO5102) Wednesdays, January, January, February and March. OSCE April TBA