Seventh National Public and Patient Involvement in Research Conference April 27th 2022

The seventh annual PPI in Research Conference will take place on Wednesday April 27th online.. We look forward to re-connecting with the extensive and very loyal PPI community that has grown since our first conference in 2016. It will be different, we miss meeting you face to face, but we are looking forward to meeting you all online. 

The conference is jointly organised by the HRB Primary Care CTNI and PPI Ignite Network @ NUI Galway. It will be held on zoom, from 9:30am-1.30pm with one 15 minute break at 10:30 and a 30min break at 11:45. Registration closes at 9am on April 27th, if you are unable to join on Zoom, the conference will also be streamed live on YouTube - click this link to access f you are unable to join on Zoom, the conference will also be streamed live on YouTube - click this link to access

Have a look at our conference see the various presentations that we have on the day.  We are delighted to have a broad range of speakers join us, you can read more on some of our speakers in the biographies pamphlet.

2022 Theme:  'PPI: Partners in today’s research culture'

The theme for this year’s conference is 'PPI: Partners in today’s research culture', celebrating the successful integration of PPI into research in recent years – and also highlighting there is work that remains to be done.  In this community, we are continuously learning and developing, both researchers and PPI contributors. Days like today are essential in overcoming challenges and learning best practice in achieving optimum partnership.

The conference will:

  • Focus on hearing the voice of the PPI contributor, of the patient, the member of the public, who is working in partnership with researchers
  • Explore some innovative PPI approaches
  • Provoke reflection, discussion and debate on PPI

What will be different?

Like all of our lives now, there will be a number of changes:       

  • Registration is free for all - but please register on Eventbrite to attend
  • You will need a suitable broadband and a computer with a working sound system   
  • Questions and discussions will be possible but will be more limited
  • Networking with leading PPI contributors and influencers will be different - but we will do our best   
  • We may have challenges with the technology on the day - bear with us! 
  • You will have to bring your own coffee and scones!

Welcome to public and patients 

We warmly invite members of the public, patients, and carers to tune into the seventh national Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in Research conference. If you have any questions in advance of the conference, please contact us at