Provision of PPE, Consumables and Equipment (Government Framework)


NUIG Contract Reference: CON1227                                       Agresso Upload Document - CON1227 NAGF and quotes.

Type of Contract: Framework Agreement Government Contract                        Ref: LEE898F

The Education Procurement Service (EPS) established this Framework Agreement in conjunction with the Department of Education (DOE) for use by all public sector bodies for the purchase of any potential PPE, Consumables and Equipment.  

Supplier and Account Management Details

What products are covered?

Lot 1 – Wipes - Pricing

Lot 2 – Hand soap - Pricing

Lot 3 – Facemasks - Pricing

Lot 4 – Gloves - Pricing

Lot 5 – Hand sanitizer - Pricing

Lot 6 – HS Dispensers - Pricing

Lot 7 – HS Dispenser Refills - Pricing

Lot 8 – Aprons - Pricing

Lot 9 – Safety Glasses - Pricing

Lot 10 – Visors - Pricing

Lot 11 – Thermometers - Pricing

Lot 12 – Detergent - Pricing

Lot 13 - Signage - Pricing

Lot 14 – Blue Roll paper - Pricing

Lot 15 – Pedal Bins - Pricing

Delivery Pricing


Method of Drawdown

Please Note: The ranking of approved suppliers on the link below is based on product value and delivery charges. This is provided for information purposes only and should not be the sole basis of supplier selection.

You may approach any of the suppliers listed in the matrix, but may be best advised to examine the different offerings in terms of your requirements, including cost, delivery options/charges, location, order volumes etc. 

It is important to note that pricing information provided are ceiling prices; Greater value may be achieved by seeking multiple quotes across the supplier-list.


Supplier Matrix

**Please note should you wish to purchase Re-Useable Face Masks please contact suppliers directly for pricing and product information.**

NUIG specification for reusable mask


How do I purchase goods?

1.    Define your requirements and examine the best option from the list of approved suppliers, (Supplier Matrix above).

2.    Check out the specification of the products from the accommodating Pricing Lists above according to Lots, these files are structured in the following format:

a)    Company Name (second column)

b)     Item description (third column)

c)      Pack size (seventh column)

d)      Discounted price excluding VAT (eighth column)

3.      Request quotation from selected supplier OR request quotations from a range of suppliers.   

4.       Assess product dependencies, i.e. Sanitiser Dispensers which require specific Sanitiser Refills issues etc. Should you be unsure please request further detail from the supplier.

5.        Please note that you must always include the Supply Agreement reference number - LEE898F or competition title ‘Provision of PPE, Consumables and Equipment to the Irish Education Sector for the Department of Education and Skills’- in correspondence with the approved suppliers.

6.        Please issue our Terms & Conditions with your Purchase Order:            Terms & Conditions - Goods & Services