Procurement Online Training Courses

For the present, all procurement training is online, hosted on our Blackboard platform.

There have two separate course sections for staff members to use:-

  • “Procurement Foundation Training” (AH0027)
  • “Procurement Topic Specific Pods” (AH0115)

All members of our NUI Galway community (staff, post doc students etc.) with involvement in any activity of purchasing/procurement (e.g. obtaining quotations or creating/approving requisitions on AGRESSO, or receiving goods, or authorising payment etc.) are required to undertake the mandatory AH0027 course saved in this section.

eCertification – Approved Purchasers

In line with the Procurement Policy, Approved Purchasers are now required to hold a current up to date certificate of completion (within a given 3 year period), of the mandatory training courses.  

For the online courses, attendees are required to view the course in full and complete same by marking each section ‘reviewed’.  This will then qualify the “viewer” to apply for the eCertificate by sending an email to indicating the date the training was undertaken.  

Unfortunately the system will not indicate a successful completion unless the “reviewed” button has been activated after each separate section of the course has been completed.  eCertificates will then be generated automatically and issued through email.

We have attached a guide - PCO training access - to assist with access to Blackboard and our training courses.


Procurement Foundation Training – Course Code AH0027

This course is mandatory for all Agresso users and comprises of two recorded videos to be viewed in full length and also incorporates Agresso Web Requisition training.This purpose of this content is to inform staff members of their responsibilities under the University Procurement Policy and accountability for same, as relates in particular to:

  • Overview of the Procurement Policy
  • Our Step by Step
  • The Rule of Aggregations and its application
  • The Sole Source Process
  • The New Supplier Setup Process
  • Agresso Web Training



Procurement Topic Specific Pods – Course Code AH0115

Once the mandatory requirement (AH0027) have been satisfied, we have developed procurement topic specific PODs which designed as a quick review when needing a refresher, for convenience.   It is our intention to add further PODs to this area.   

-          Procurement Policy

-          Step by step guide

-          Centralised Contracts and Quotations

-          Sole Source process

-          New Supplier Setups

-          Agresso

This is the non-mandatory section and therefore the eCertificate requirement does not apply.


How to access

In order to access these courses please use your standard University ID and login to the following page: using your 00?????s  and password.

Upon successful login, search for the course either using the assigned course code (AH0027 or AH0115) or simply typing ‘procurement’ into the search engine.

Please note these are both self-enrol courses so you must make sure to click ‘self-enrol course’ under the heading ‘Course Catalogue’ – more information on how to do this can be found here - PCO training access.