Agresso Product Codes

 As you are aware, Agresso purchase orders are required for all purchases in line with University Procurement Policy.   

 As well as complying with Policy, the use of purchase orders will assist Budget Holders with the management of budgets, as expenditure commitments are made upfront.      There are a small number of noted exceptions e.g. Travel Services booked through the contracted supplier, Water Cooler Services provided through the contracted supplier, Catering Services provided through the contracted suppliers, and Taxi Services.  

When raising a requisition on Agresso for a purchase order, Product Codes are used to identify the category of supply, service or works that is being purchased.   A product code is typically an abbreviation of the category of product or service, followed by a number, e.g. PRINT101, STAT101, etc.    The correct use of Product Codes in Agresso supports greater transparency around “what is being purchased” and “how much is it costing”.   

 Agresso Product Code Directory    last updated May 2018 **

 Fixed Asset Register

 All equipment purchases with a value greater than €10,000 should be capitalised (i.e. included in our Fixed Asset Register) in line with NUI Galway policy.   

Therefore, capital product codes should be used in purchasing assets of this nature.

Each product code is linked to a four-digit General Ledger (GL) code.

 Capital product codes are distinctive in that they are linked to GL codes beginning with the number 4 (e.g., 4025 Computer assets, 4035 Laboratory equipment, 4045 Office equipment, etc.).