Quotation Process Step 3 User Requirements Invite Mini Tender Implement and Manage

Evaluate & Award


After the deadline date, you must evaluate the responses received using the exact same criteria - examples include:

  1. Does it match your specification of requirements in terms of quality, fit for purpose, lead time
  2. Has the company done this before i.e. company experience
  3. What is the "Total Life Cycle Cost" of the item - for equipment this would include the delivery, installation, warranty, consumables
  4. Training requirements
  5. After sales support - call out charges

Bear in mind for services you might want to take criteria other than price into account such as:

  • Availability to do the job in the time scale you require
  • Experience in doing this kind of task elsewhere

All quotations received should be evaluated fairly based on the information provided in the proposal.   For audit purposes, it is advisable to retain a record of the evaluation.    Templates available:   Quotation - Evaluation Goods and                                           Quotation - Evaluation Services


Once evaluations are completed, you should advise all suppliers of the outcome, whether they are successful or not.   It is good practice to let unsuccessful suppliers know why their quotation was not successful.   Please see the templates available:  Quotation Award Letter and Quotation Regret Letter.       Advice/guidance on this process is available from the Procurement & Contracts Office.

Once an order has been awarded you must Implement and Manage the purchase.