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Implement & Manage

Once you have advised the supplier that they are successful, an official Purchase Order is raised on Agresso which will allocate your funding to this purchase.

  1. The purchase order should include the following details:
  • Describe what is being purchased including required date, quantity, unit cost, etc.
  • Use the appropriate Product Codes** to categorise what you are buying.      
  • Include the quotation date, reference number (if used)
  • Specify exact delivery location (e.g. room number)
  1. Issue the purchase order to the supplier
  2. On receipt of the full order, complete the GRN (Goods Received Note) on Agresso. The GRN should only be completed when the goods or services are received in full, and you are happy that you have received what was ordered.
  3. On receipt of the Invoice, prompt authorisation should be arranged by the Budget Holder. The invoice is then forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment. NUI Galway is obliged to arrange payment for Invoices promptly (normally within 30 days from the invoice date), to avoid any late payment interest being charged by suppliers which would be passed on to the Budget Holder.


 ** To accurately report on University spending, it is essential that appropriate Product Codes are used on the purchase order to categorise what you are buying.      A product code is typically an abbreviation of the category of product or service, followed by a number, e.g. TRAVEL01, STAT01, etc.  Each product code is also a member of a product group which is linked to a four digit general ledger number (e.g. 3170 Travel) that the Agresso system will automatically assign to the product code you select.  Typically this four digit number starts with a 3* for non-capital spend.     However, all equipment purchases valued in excess of €10,000 (inc VAT) is considered a capital purchase and must be registered as a University Fixed Asset for accounting purposes.     Capital product codes that have a product group series starting with 4* must be used to record these capital assets.    If you are buying equipment valued in excess of €10,000, please see the University's Fixed Asset Policy/Procedure.    

Document Retention

Retain all documents associated with this Quotation Process as auditors may request same at a later date.