Quotation Process Step 2 User Requirements Evaluate and Reward Implement and Manage

Invite Quotations

Once the relevant template i.e. Quotation Request for Services or Quotation Request for Goods/Equipment  is fully completed detailing what you need to buy, then you are ready to invite quotations from supliers.  

Quotations should be sought from competent suppliers.   Competent generally means that they are financially sound (good standing, tax compliant, appropriately insured), and have previous relevant experience.  

Suppliers invited to quote may be sourced from:

  • Firms already registered on Agresso - due to the additional cost of adding new suppliers
  • From the suppliers list on eTenders - approximately 80,000 suppliers are registered on the eTenders website.    The eTenders website can facilitate a "Quick Quote" process or can be used as a tool to search for potential suppliers
  • From the Golden Pages/Web searches

The completed Quotation Request Form should be issued via email and at the same time to all suppliers.   The same closing date should be detailed for responses, thereby giving each supplier the same length of time to respond.    It is important to note that a separate email should issue to each supplier (or use the blind copy feature of email). It is also recommended that you request an email delivery receipt.

If a supplier sends in question(s) about the quotation in advance of the deadline, a copy of the response(s) to the query should go to all suppliers.

Once quotations are received the next step is to Evaluate & Award.