Templates & Forms

New Supplier Setup Form (V26)            Sole Source Form 

Quotation Process Templates
(The quotation process applies where there is no centralised contract in place, and where the spend value does not exceed €25,000)
Services                           Goods/Equipment                                                  
Quotation Request - Services       Quotation Request - Goods & Equip
Quotation - Evaluation Services
Quotation Award Letter
Quotation Regret Letter
Details on how to conduct a Quotation Process are available here  


Tendering Process Templates
Stage of Process                                                                                                
Initiation Tender Initiation Form
User  Requirements                                                                                  

Tender document templates will vary depending on the Sourcing Partner appointed 
 as a Sourcing Partner is separately assigned for each tender.    It is advisable to wait until tender templates are issued to you by the appointed Sourcing Partner before drafting up your final specifications.

Evaluation Tender EvaluationTemplate

National Tenders (below €215,000 ex VAT)
Award Letter

EU Tenders (equal to or above €215,000 ex VAT)

Intent to Award Letter
Regret Letter
Award Letter after Standstill

Terms & Conditions Template (for tenders)

Details on how to conduct a tender process are available here.  


Mini-Competition Process                                  (required when a centralised contract is a Framework Agreement)

Mini Tender Template.doc

Mini-Competition Opening Record

Mini-Competition Evaluation Template

Mini Competition Award Letter  ‌

Mini-Competition Regret Template

For further information on the Mini-Competition Process, please visit here


Sole Source Process

Sole Source Form      

Sole Source Quotation Form - Equipment

Further information on the Sole Source Process is available here.


Supplier Setup Process

New Supplier Setup Form (V26)     Further information on the Supplier Setup Process is available here


Terms & Conditions

                                                                                              Terms & Conditions - Goods & Services