Professor Gary Donohoe - Tackling Cognitive Difficulties in Psychosis


PSYcHE Research Activity 2021

Launch of  'MOST'  social therapy app for young people with psychosis as part of HRB funded collaboration with national EIP services  Gary Donohoe and Emmet Godfrey.

Irish Times  03/03/21 -  Irish-designed app in trial to help those with schizophrenia - Professor Gary Donohoe

Publications & Print 2021

Megan Cowman, Laurena Holleran, Edgar Lonergan, Karen O’Connor, Max Birchwood,Gary Donohoe. March 2021  Cognitive Predictors of Social and Occupational Functioning in Early Psychosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Cross-Sectional and LongitudinalData.  Schizophrenia Bulletin. Schizophr Bull  2021 Mar 24; PMID: 33761534  DOI: 10.1093/schbul/sbab033

Talissa Walsh, Emmet Godfrey, Megan Cowman, Edgar Lonergan and Gary Donohoe. Development of Early Intervention services for Psychosis in Ireland; April 2021, The Irish Psychologist, Volume 47, Issue 2.

Tom Burke  April 21, Correlates of Social Cognition and Psychopathic Traits in a Community-Based Sample Of Males

Awards 2021 


 Tom Burke, January 2021  Dementia KARE: A Total Well-Being Framework

Training 2021

Gary Donohoe   February 2021    MOST Training

Emmet Godfrey February 2021 MOST Training

Tom Burke  March 2021 Workshop - Dementia in Disabilites