How We Buy

Innovation Award

Whenever the need arises to purchase goods or services, to ensure that NUI Galway is getting the best possible value for money, budget holders and their staff use the procurement process summarised in the chart below.   Please view the categories of Current Contracts in place at NUI Galway.    For details of current OGP contracts please visit

Guidelines, regulations and directives
We follow our NUI,Galway Procurement Policy which reflects Government guidelines, regulations and EU directives, see Procurement Policy Document‌.

In line with DPER Circular 16/13, public bodies such as NUI Galway are encouraged to promote the use of Framework Agreements put in place by Central Purchasing Bodies (CPBs) in the Local Authority, Health, Education and Defence Sectors. It is Government policy that public bodies, where possible, should make use of all such central arrangements. To this end, NUI Galway engages with Office of Government Procurement, Educational Procurement Services, HEANet, EduCampus, Health Business Services Procurement and other such Central Purchasing Bodies as required.