Major enhancements or improvements to teaching, research and services

All reported major enhancements completed accross the University are contained in the following repositories.

In addition other enhancements arise through changes and addition to the Policies and Procedures and also as a result of action plans of Quality Reviews. The impact of these enhancements is measured annually though Quality Impacts.

In addition there are various other enhancements developed locally (and not recorded centrally) by individual staff, schools and colleges arising from student feedback, student engagement initiatives, staff surveys, and so on.

Reporting Major Achieved Enhancements

To report a new and major enhancement please complete this simple form.

Examples of enhancements include:

New or improved system or process
New type of job appointment or organisational restructuring
New types of staff training and development activity
New or refurbished laboratories
New or refurbished buildings
Improved information system
New or improved policy and/or procedure
New or improved programmes of learning
New approaches to teaching, learning and assessment