What's On This Week: Earth Week - 19th - 23rd April

To celebrate World Earth Day, NUI Galway are hosting a student-led dedicated week to raise awareness around different topics from April 19th- April 23rd , to highlight that together, we can prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction and by coming together, we can ‘’Restore Our Earth’’. The hashtag for the week will be #NUIGEarthDay.


Nature Photo Competition

NUIG Photography Society and the Sustainability Working Group are collaborating to help you celebrate and highlight the native nature in your area. You can do this by posting a picture of your favourite parts of nature (native plants/birds/animals) in your local area.  Post your photos using #NUIGNature and tag @NUIGSU to be in with a chance of winning a SU Keep Cup and other prizes!

When – Monday 19th- Friday 30th April

More information - visit here 

Anti-Fast Fashion Show

To commemorate Earth Day 2021, the NUIG Energy Society is hosting an Instagram Anti-Fast Fashion Show. Anyone interested in participating is invited to post up to 3 of their favorite charity shop outfits to Instagram and tag @nuigenergysociety. Winners will be selected based on creativity, uniqueness, and cost-effectiveness, so be sure to include how much each item cost in the caption.


  • Acceptable clothing includes purchased from a charity shop, purchased secondhand, hand-me-downs.

  • Try to jam as many second-hand items into one outfit as possible (think shoes, jewelry, tops, bottom, other accessories, etc.)

  • Get creative with backgrounds and overall appearance of the the photo, it may enhance your outfit.

  • You do not have to show your face if you do not want to, but we may ask for proof of outfit ownership.

When – Monday 19th - Friday 23rd April at 5 p.m.

Where- Instagram @nuigenergysociety. If you have any questions, please reach out to energy@socs.nuigalway.ie.

FREE Strength + Conditioning Class

This is a 30–40-minute Zoom class with a mix of bodyweight and weighted exercises every Monday and Wednesday with Lucia Byrne Fitness.

You will be working the whole-body using compound movements, it is going to be fun and challenging. If you want to get stronger then this is the class for you! All fitness levels welcome.

You will need canned food, 2 water bottles or a set dumbbell to use as weights. Anything between 3-10kg depending on your fitness level.

Sign Up Via Eventbrite below.

When – Monday April 19thth at 5.30 p.m.

Where- register here 

How to Achieve the ALIVE Certificate for Volunteering

Come along for an insight tour about the ALIVE Certificate reflection process. Ask all your questions, share your experiences and achieve the award!  All welcome!

When- Monday 19th at 7 p.m.

Where- Enter your email address in the form below to get the zoom link  

Collected Thoughts - New Irish Zine Exploring Interactions with our surrounding landscape.

Has your interaction with the environment and landscape been transformed over the past year? We are looking to capture people's experiences, reflections and thoughts on their interactions and understandings with their surrounding landscape over the past year.

Through this project, the hope is to bring in various aspects of how we understand the world and how this has changed with the dramatic transformation of our lives over the past year.

Submit to collectedthoughtszine@gmail.com

Mindful Way –Online Share Practice

Join in for some online Mindful Shared Practice

When- Tuesday April 20th 8.15 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Where- join here 

Live Chat - Creative Job Search

Join in this Live Q&A, where Careers Team members, Majella and Grace will bring their expertise and advice. This week the focus will be on the topic of Creative Job Searching.

          *Are you wondering where to start looking for open opportunities?
          *How can your network of contacts help you get a job?
          *How can LinkedIn help?

When- Tuesday April 20th at 12 p.m.

Where- Register here 

Climate Change Quiz

Amnesty and Environmental Societies are collaborating for NUI Galway Earth Day, to bring you a Climate Change Themed Quiz. There will be multiple rounds including pop culture and environmental categories. Get your housemates, friends, or family together and join in for a fun time with lots of amazing PRIZES!!

When- Tuesday April 20th at 7 p.m.

Where- The link will be available here15 minutes before the quiz starts.


Join the Eco Café to explore the importance of staying connected with nature and explore how to mind yourself amid climate change.

Do not forget to bring your tea or coffee! Everyone welcome. No need to register just join through the link below.

When – Wednesday April 21st at 10 a.m.

Where- join here 

Problem Solving A Core Skill by On Semiconductor

Introduction to problem-solving and some techniques and tools that are used in Industry to find the root cause for a problem. Join us in hosting Lien Vanneste from ON Semiconductor who will share key elements of problems skills we should all have!

When- Wednesday April 21st at 12 p.m.

Where- Register here 

FREE Strength + Conditioning Class

This is a 30–40-minute Zoom class with a mix of bodyweight and weighted exercises every Monday and Wednesday with Lucia Byrne Fitness.

You will be working the whole-body using compound movements, it is going to be fun and challenging. If you want to get stronger then this is the class for you! All fitness levels welcome.

You will need canned food, 2 water bottles or a set dumbbell to use as weights. Anything between 3-10kg depending on your fitness level.

COURSE DATES: Starts Mon 12th April and ends Weds 19th May.

Sign Up Via Eventbrite below.

When – Wednesday April 21st  at 5.30 p.m.

Where- join here 

Movie Night - Seaspiracy

Seaspiracy is a documentary about the environmental impact of fishing. Join to watch the movie and after there will be a discussion on your views of the subject and screening!

When- Wednesday April 21st at 7.00 p.m.

Where- Online-The link will be available here 15 minutes before the screening begins.

FREE Grow your own Organic Fruit

Nothing tastes as good as fruit that you have grown organically yourself! Join us to for tips and techniques for successful growing.

When- Wednesday April 21st at 7 p.m.

Where- Sign up here 

Local Clean Up & Photo Challenge

To celebrate World Earth Day, everyone is encouraged to go out into their local area and participate in a local clean up. This time it will be combined with a photo challenge. Submit a creative (or not creative) photo of you cleaning up your local area, and there will be a winner picked randomly who will receive an amazing prize!

When- All Day Thursday April 22nd 

Where- Submit your photos to envsoc@socs.nuigalway.ie or tag them on Instagram using @environmentsocietynuig  #NUIGEarthDay

Galway National Park City: An Everyday Commitment to Our Environment

Join the Energy Society & Brendan Smith as they speak about the Galway National Park City and how we all can get involved in bettering the environment.

When- Thursday April 22nd at 7 p.m.

Where- Online- The link will be available here15 minutes before the talk begins.

First Derivatives: Competency-Based Interviews in the Virtual World

From conducting the right research to tackling interview nerves, join global FinTech company First Derivatives’ Graduate Recruitment Team for their top tips on acing competency-based interviews.   

When- Thursday April 22nd at 12 p.m.

Where- Register here

Mindful Way –Online Share Practice

Join in for some online Mindful Shared Practice

When- Friday April 23rd 8.15 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Where- join here 

Online Resources

Earth Day Live 2021

From April 20th-22nd, join the world’s leaders, for the start of the online events. The events aim to prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction and by working together, we can Restore Our Earth.

Website- visit here 

The European Food Information Council

Are you looking for science- based information to inspire and empower you to help make healthier and more sustainable food and lifestyle choices? Then look at the EUFIC website. They aim to improve people's knowledge around food and health and by doing so this can make a real difference to the health of both people and the planet!

Website- visit here 

Sustainability Articulate Module

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an introduction to the concept of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals, let you know about NUI Galway’s work around sustainability and ways to get involved; and share tips on how we can all learn, live and lead sustainability at NUI Galway.

Take course now - visit here 

SUstainability Instagram Account

The SUstainability Working Group are launching their own Instagram account for fellow students to feed in sustainability information.

When – Launching April 19th

Where- Instagram- Keep an eye on SU Socials

Breathing Exercise

Do you find this Semester stressful? Try this 2 minute breathing exercise that you can do any place or time to help calm your mind in a stressful situation!  

10-minute morning meditation for clarity, stability, & presence

It is easy to vow not to look at notifications on your phone first thing in the morning. But in reality—especially when your phone is your alarm—it is what is there, pulling you out of peaceful slumber and racing toward the realities of your day. To capture—or recapture—the stillness of that first moment of wakefulness, this ten-minute guided meditation focuses on clarity, stability, and presence for us.

Where- watch now 

Take 5 for Mental Health

The podcast series, hosted by Jan Ní Fhlanagain, does not offer a magic solution to the complex emotions we are all feeling, but it does offer a safe space to hold those emotions, to engage with them and to take a moment in the madness, to mind our mental health.

Gratitude- listen here 

Anxiety - listen here 

Control- listen here 

Walking- listen here 

Self-Compassion- listen here 

Skills for Life and Study Workshops 

Please complete ONLY ONE registration form for the Skills for Life and Study workshops. Students can attend as many workshops as they please. Register here.

Wellness Workshop

Wellness Workshop for All NUI, Galway Students.

Join at 1 p.m. where Gemma Mc Nally she will run a wellness workshop for all students around health and wellbeing.

When- Thursday April 22nd at 1 p.m.

Where- Microsoft Teams - join here

Missed A Session?

Have you missed out on one of the previous workshops? You can now re-watch the previous sessions at the Access Centre YouTube Channel here.

Social Events

Environmental Society Cooking Class

Weekly Cooking Class with Kinder garden Cooks.

When- Monday April 19th 5- 6 p.m.

Where- Contact envsoc@socs.nuigalway.ie for more information

Earth Day Stitch & Bitch

Join the SU Stitch & Bitch Group. Pick up you knitting needles and craft towards a more Sustainable future.  

When- Tuesday April 20th @7 p.m.

Where- Email studentsunion@nuigalway.ie to be added to mailing list

Hump Day Hoolie

Join the SU for their Hump Day Hoolie! There’ll be comedy, speed friending, music, competitions and loads of prizes on Zoom.

When – Wednesday April 21st at 7.30 p.m.

Tickets- available here 


NUIG Surf Club are offering free yoga sessions every Thursday until the 29th of April! Unwind, destress, and stretch out with Gabriel Humphreys.

When- Thursday April 20th at 5.30 p.m.

Where- ZOOM LINK Meeting ID: 985 3335 6582 Passcode: coolbeans


The NUIG Chase is being brought to you by a collaboration from NUIG FLAC, NUIG ELSA, NUIG Law Society and NUIG Student's Union. Students will be going up against lecturers and academic staff to bring home some great prizes and raise money for Charity. This will be a fun and exciting event!

When- Friday April 23rd at 6 p.m.

Where- Find the link to join here on the day.

Strava Group

Keep an eye on NUI Galway Sport for our brand new Strava group where you can join in on our daily walking/running challenges, see how your friends are doing on the leader board and win some weekly prizes.

Date/Time:  In your own time!

Location: Remote (within 5km of your home)

Where to find us? Search NUI Galway in Strava Clubs

Key Supports

Student Resources

Find resources for all students, including external and self-help resources here.

Student Counselling

Email- counselling@nuigalway.ie

Text NUIG to 50808

Student Health Unit

Telephone- +353 91- 492604

Email- healthunit@nuigalway.ie

NUI Galway Chaplaincy

Telephone- +353 87 203 7538

Email- ben.hughes@nuigalway.ie

NUI Galway Students Union

Email- studentsunion@nuigalway.ie

Web- https://su.nuigalway.ie

Disability Supports Service

Email- disabilityservice@nuigalway.ie

Web- https://www.nuigalway.ie/disability

International Office

Email- international@nuigalway.ie

NUI Galway Security

Telephone- +353 91- 493333 or +353 91 492198

Email- security@nuigalway.ie

Mental Health Supports 

Vistit here for more information.

Don't Miss Out: See What's Happened Already

To ensure that you do not miss out on anything, this section will be periodically updated over the coming weeks with links to useful resources and virtual event details, so you can browse or watch these back in your own time.

Key Resources 

Academic & Digital Support

We offer a range of targeted academic and digital supports designed to enhance your University experience:

SUMS - Your Mathematics Support Centre

SUMS is a FREE service providing informal mathematics support to first and second-year students across all colleges and courses as well as to students engaged in Access/Foundation courses. Here you can receive extra mathematics or statistics tuition during our online service hours. Find out more here.

Academic Skills Hub

The Academic Skills Hub aims to support all NUI Galway students especially first-years to develop the key skills required for academic success. It provides brief introductions to, and top tips on, eight key academic skills. Find out more here.

ISS – Information Solutions and Services

ISS delivers, develops and supports a wide range of IT services and applications for Students. Our tailored Student website http://www.nuigalway.ie/iss4students/ summarises how to avail of these IT services and where to get IT advice and support.

James Hardiman Library

The James Hardiman Library has reopened to staff and students, to study in the Library you must reserve a seat in order to gain access, further information can be found here. To learn more about our service watch the Library Orientation video here.

Connect with Student-Led Support

Peer-to-peer support is available to all students and comes in many different forms. Here are some of the ways that you can get the support of your peers throughout the academic year:

CÉIM Academic Peer Support

Weekly peer learning sessions for 1st-year students studying Engineering, Law, BA Law, Psychology, Geography, and Political Science & Sociology
Log into YourSpace www.yourspace.nuigalway.ie and go to the CÉIM tab in the left sidebar to find out what group you are in and to join your online peer learning session.


ATS Mentoring Programme aims to provide peer mentoring and appropriate support services that will enable participating 1st year students to successfully complete their educational objectives while making college life exciting, fulfilling and successful. Log into YourSpace www.yourspace.nuigalway.ie and go to the ATS Mentoring tab in the left sidebar to join as a mentee.

Class Representatives

Every class is entitled to a Class Representative to represent their class. If your class does not have a Class Rep your voice will not be heard. If you have any questions on the roles and responsibilities of a Class Rep contact the SU Vice-President/Education Officer Emma at su.education@nuigalway.ie. Further information regarding the role of Class Reps is also available here.

To find out your Class Rep got Log into YourSpace www.yourspace.nuigalway.ie and go to the Class Rep tab in the left sidebar.

Election of Undergraduate Student Class Reps:

Step 1: Nominations close 12pm, Wednesday 14th October.

Step 2: Voting Wednesday, 14th October to Monday, 19th October.

Election of Postgraduate Student Class Reps: 

Step 1: Nominations open 12pm, Monday 12th October to 12pm, Friday 16th October.

Step 2: Voting Monday 19th October to Friday 23rd October.

Staying Social in Lockdown

Listen to our students share their top tips for staying connected with friends in socially responsible ways during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch Now

Student Crisis Text "NUIG50808" Service

NUIG 50808 is 24/7 free, confidential, anonymous text response service available to any NUI Galway student or staff member experiencing a crisis of any kind such as relationships, loneliness, job loss, money, assault, high anxiety or low mood.

By texting NUIG to 50808 you will receive a reply within 5 minutes from a highly trained and motivated volunteer who will provide a warm listening ear and signposting to local supports and services. So if you experience a crisis of any kind at any time of the day or night, there is no need to suffer in silence, immediate support is available by texting NUIG to 50808. Your family and friends can also avail of this service by texting ‘Hello’ to 50808.

Participate is a project to boost student participation and to tackle social anxiety problems. Click here for more information. 

Useful Resources:

Select below to find the information you need to enhance your University experience:

COVID-19 Experience

NUI Galway student, Lynn Porter, bravely shares her personal and "awful scary experience" of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Watch Now

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