What is Registration?

Registration is the collection and maintenance of student data. All information is stored centrally on the Student Record System. All students at NUI Galway must register ONLINE to become students of the University each year, this is obligatory.

When do I register?

Online Registration opens in August  / September of each Academic Year, exact date available nearer the time.
You will receive an email from Registration inviting you to register online. You must register as soon as possible to gain access to University services such as Student ID Card, Library, Blackboard, Access to rooms etc. 

What is my login?

  • Your logon is your ID number and existing password.

How Do I Register NOW?

  • Follow the steps below if you wish to register now/late for this academic year.  
  1. COLLEGE PERMISSION: Obtain Permission from College / School and  forward to registration@nuigalway.ie 
  2. FEES: Contact the Fees Office at fees@nuigalway.ie .   Once the Fees Office have cleared you to register, email registration@nuigalway.ie with confirmation of same.
  3. STUDENT: In order for us to manually register you, we require your authorisation, please email if you want to register and accept the Universities Terms & Conditions.
    I am hereby bound by the Terms & Conditions set out in the attached link and by emailing registration@nuigalway.ie  I confirm by consent.
  4. Student ID card previously issued to current students will remain your ID card for the duration of your course at NUIG.

Contact the Student Registry Helpdesk regarding replacement ID card

How do I select my modules / subjects?

Check out the Schematic for Building Curriculum - Building Blocks.  For any queries selecting your modules please refer to your course handbook and/or Department website.
(* if no subjects appear on your record after registration is complete, email reghelp@nuigalway.ie ASAP)
NOTE:  You can log into your student portal here and view your curriculum / modules selection at any time.

To add MODULES to your curriculum after online registration has closed - please contact the College Office, as we require their permission to make any changes to your record.  

I have a Fees query, who do I contact?

Please see link to Fees Office for any queries - Student fees - NUI Galway

Registration Terminology

Click here‌ t‌o view useful terms


  • 1st Year Undergrad Registration Guide

    1st Year Undergrad Registration Guide PDF (676 KB)

  • 1st Year Postgrad Registration Guide

    1st Year Postgrad Registration Guide PDF (626KB)

  • First Year Registration Guide - Irish

    First Year Registration Guide - Irish PDF (670 KB)

  • Non EU Postgraduate Reg Flyer

    Non EU Postgraduate Reg Flyer pdf (1071kb)

  • Non EU Undergrad Reg Flyer

    Non EU Undergrad Reg Flyer pdf (807KB)

  • Registration Terminology

    Registration Terminology pdf (10)

  • Postgrad Registration Terminology

    Postgrad Registration Terminology pdf (4 MB)