Repeating the Year - Undergrad & Taught Postgrad

If you fail modules in Autumn 2021/2022, you are automatically progressed to the next academic year - 2022/2023 and will receive registration correspondence via email.
*It is only when you receive exam results for this academic year - 2021/22 that you will be eligible to register for 2022/23.

Returning to finish, if not registered for 2021/22?

If you are incomplete for an academic year prior to 2021/2022 and wish to return to complete your studies, please contact the relevant College  and discuss your options with them.  Registration cannot process your return record until approved by the College Office.

  • Any modules previously passed for the academic year you are repeating are classed as “exempt” on your registration record.  Other modules you are taking this year for credit will have a status of “registered” beside them.
  • Please note that you cannot re-sit any modules previously sat and passed
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all details of registered modules and exemptions listed on your registration statement are correct. 

noteIn some instances, some of the modules that you sat and passed may not automatically carry over to your repeat record as exempt - this is due to the fact that they are not available on your Course Syllabus for your repeat year.  In this case, we will manually add the value of these credits in the form of EX005, EX010 etc - please ensure that you only register for the balance of passed modules required.   

  • Eg.  – Required Credits  for the Year -  60ects
              - you have previously passed - 30ects and only 20 of these carried over to 21/22 as exempt
             - You are then short 10 ects
              -Registration will add the balance of 10 ects as EX010
              -you only need to register for 30 ects
    DO NOT register for extra credits as these will be removed from your record, as soon as this discrepancy is identified.


  • Non EU Postgraduate Reg Flyer

    Non EU Postgraduate Reg Flyer pdf (1071kb)

  • Non EU Undergrad Reg Flyer

    Non EU Undergrad Reg Flyer pdf (807KB)

  • Registration Terminology

    Registration Terminology pdf (10)

  • Postgrad Registration Terminology

    Postgrad Registration Terminology pdf (4 MB)