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Welcome!  This website is designed to be a support for postgraduate students in collaboration with their course supervisors and lecturers to enhance poster creation and design skills.

A poster is a visual communication tool that serves as a summary of your work and an advertisement of your research area.  It is a valuable tool for researchers presenting at a conference as complete strangers may end up being collaborators, best critics, generators of PhD-saving ideas, and even future employers.

If this is your first poster - don’t worry as this
tutorial is aimed at assisting you in designing your very own poster. If you have previous experience
in designing and presenting research posters at conferences, this course may help you improve
how you currently exhibit your research work
at poster presentations.

This tutorial outlines our 5-step approach:

Plan - Design - Review - Print - Present

Getting Started:

In producing a poster of your own research project. You will need to:
bullet Understand the necessity of
planning to make a good poster.
bullet Distill your abstract down
to a single central message.
bullet Illustrate this message with
large visual imagery and small
blocks of supporting text.
bullet Understand that if your data is perfect, and presentation is good, your choice of colours, images, graphs, charts and illustrations
is what will differentiate you
from the crowd.

Know the prerequisite information that should be displayed in a poster (see pdf).


Know what a good/bad poster looks like (see pdf).

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