Remote Access for Staff

Using the same method as on-campus, Staff can access the following University IT Services using their Campus Account credentials:

Note: * The Financial System and Student Records System credentials are separate from your Campus Account credentials.

* To access the Financial System P2P invoices remotely, please log a ticket with the Service Desk to request VPN client access. For more information, see Financial System FAQ's.

Accessing on-campus only services remotely

Depending on the service you are trying to access remotely, there are 4 different methods for staff to access protected resources remotely:

Method 1: Web-based VPN

web-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to allow users to access file/web-based services that are typically restricted to the NUI Galway wired network.

Services available from the MyFiles Service using a web-browser include:

  • U-Drive Files
  • M-Drive Files
  • Content Management System (t4 Site Manager)
  • Content Management System (Documentation)
  • Facilities Management Safety
  • Facilities Management Services Request (PEMAC)
  • Internal NUI Galway Website

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Method 2: Client-based VPN

A client-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to allow users to access application services that are typically restricted to the NUI Galway wired network. 

The following systems can be accessed using a client-based VPN:

  • Financial System (Agresso) - Invoicing
  • Custom applications/systems: For example, HR Office applications, License servers, Unix-based machines (typically SSH), VNC etc.

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Method 3: Remote Apps 

Remote Apps allow you to access applications that typically reside on the internal campus network from any location in the world. 

The following systems may be accessed using Remote Apps:

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Method 4: Remotely connect to your office workstation (RDP)

Just like in the office, all services may be accessed by remotely connecting to an office workstation, including:

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