Animal Care Research Ethics Committee (ACREC)

Since 2013, ACREC has worked in conjunction with the guidelines and processes implemented by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). 

The Animal Care Research Ethics Committee meets approximately 6 times per year.  To apply for ethical approval, your application must reach ACREC prior to close of submissions for the next meeting.

The next ACREC submission deadline is Wednesday 13 May 2020, at 5pm.  
Late applications will not be accepted.

Proposed subsequent submission deadlines for 2020 (Please check the website frequently, as these dates may change):

  • Monday 20 July, 5pm
  • Wednesday 9 Septeber, 5pm
  • Friday 6 November, 5pm


ACREC-HPRA Application Form v10
ACREC-HPRA Amendment Form v9
ACREC Tissue Harvesting Application Form v2

If you have any queries, please email

ACREC / AWB Review Process and Checklists:

ACREC and the AWB, in conjunction with the Research Office and in consultation with PIs, have developed a revised NUIG review process for Project Authorisations (PAs) and Amendments prior to submission to the HPRA.

The goal of this revised review process is to achieve a more streamlined, efficient and comprehensive review of applications involving laboratory animals at NUIG prior to their submission to the HPRA, with guaranteed timelines for applicants and clarity around the focus of both the ACREC and AWB elements of the review process.

This document: NUIG review process for PA apps to HPRA SEP19‌ details the revised review process, with reference to its nature, scope and timelines.  In brief, ACREC review will take place first, and will follow similar lines and timeframes to those that have been in operation in recent years, with some further efficiencies introduced.  Following receipt of full approval by ACREC, the application must then be submitted to the AWB for their review, and will be reviewed by the AWB and signed by the Compliance Officer within 15 working days of AWB receipt. 

 See also the reviewer forms/checklists that and the AWB will use when they review submitted applications:  ACREC Review Checklist‌ and AWB PA Review Process in NUIG‌.  It is hoped that applicants will find these helpful when preparing their application.   There are also a number of additional helpful resources on the ACREC website.

 For amendments to existing ACREC approvals and HPRA project Authorisations, these should be sent to, on the latest version of the HPRA project authorisation amendment form, and will then be reviewed ad-hoc by the Chairs of ACREC and the AWB who will decide on whether full ACREC/AWB review is necessary or not.

This new process will begin for the January 2020 ACREC submission deadline.  It will be trialled for a period of 6 months (i.e.  3 review cycles/ACREC meetings) and then reviewed at that point, soliciting feedback from applicants, ACREC and AWB.

See this PowerPoint for an overview of the ACREC / AWB review process, approval timeline and checklists which was presented to researchers in December 2019: ACREC-AWB Review Process - Seminar 9 Dec 2019‌. 

Guidelines for Researchers:

Sample Study Design ACREC & HPRA - Section F
How to decide your sample size when the power calculation is not straightforward.
Distress Scoring Sheet Example (*to be modified in accordance with the requirements for the specific project in question)



Information and Forms

The links below will direct you to information and forms relevant to making your application.

+ NUIG Policies & Procedures

+ Submitting an Application to ACREC

+ Submission Closing Dates 2020

+ Application Forms

+ Amendment Forms