Research Integrity

Research integrity relates to the performance of research to the highest standards of professionalism and rigour, and to the accuracy and integrity of the research record in publications and elsewhere. Research integrity is best ensured, in so far as possible, when individual researchers, institutions and funding bodies work together to create effective processes. To ensure there is no shortcomings in the integrity of the research carried out in NUI Galway, it is important that research integrity training is carried out by members of our research community.


Top Tips

1. Consult the NUI Galway Research Integrity Policy:  Research Integrity Policy (QA514)


2. Research Integrity training is free and available online to all NUI Galway staff and students.
3. Different types of course are available according to discipline and researcher level - find out more below. 

If you believe there has been a case of research misconduct, please refer to the Research Integrity Policy (QA514) for details on how to raise the issue with the relevant authorities. Killian Dooley is the University Research Integrity Officer. 

Research Integrity Training 

Free online training courses in Research Integrity are available to all research staff and students at NUI Galway.  The courses are provided by Epigeum (Oxford University Press), with tailored courses according to career stage and discipline.

  • Research Integrity Training for Academic staff/Principal Investigators/Research Fellows is a short 45-70 min online course.
  • Research Integrity Training for Post-doctoral researchers/Research Staff/Post-graduate students is a five-hour online course which can be completed in multiple sittings.  This course is available in 5 different versions to suit all backgrounds: Arts & Humanities, Social & Behavioural Science, Engineering & Technology, Biomedical Science and Natural & Physical Sciences.

This training is part of the national 3-year pilot in Research Integrity (2018-2021) which is currently running in institutes of higher education around the country. This pilot is funded by the IUA, SFI, HRB, EI, IRC, DAFM, EPA and The Marine Institute. 

If you would like to access any of the online courses, please contact

Is it compulsory to complete training in Research Integrity at NUI Galway?

It is strongly recommended that all researchers at NUI Galway complete training in Research Integrity. The national funding bodies (SFI, HRB, IRC, EI, DAFM, EPA and the Marine Institute) are funding the current 3-year pilot in Research Integrity training (2018-2020), which provides online training via Epigeum. Research Integrity training is now mandatory for some funders, to be completed within 6 months of start date of grant. Please check the Terms & Conditions of your funding body for detailed requirements. Once you have completed the online training, please retain a copy of your Certificate of Completion, to be available if requested by funder.

I am a Principal Investigator/Supervisor at NUI Galway, what are the requirements for me in Research Integrity training?

Please check with your funding body for Research Integrity training requirements. We recommend that all PIs/Academic staff complete the concise online course in Research Integrity (45-70min)- Research Integrity: Concise (IRE version). Please contact if you have not yet received your token.

My post-graduate student wishes to register for Module GS5110 in Research Integrity for 5 ECTS credits – what does this involve?

As GS5110 is a “supervisor-owned module”, you will be responsible for assessing your student’s Research Integrity assignment and for inputting marks on the GS040 form. Your student will also need to attend a workshop run by the Research Office in collaboration with the Researcher Development Centre (advertised via the RDC), and complete the extended online course in Research Integrity: Research Integrity (INT version).

As a supervisor do I have access to the extended online course that my post-graduate student needs to complete?

Yes, using the same log in details, you can access any of the 5 discipline-specific extended online courses: Arts & Humanities, Social & Behavioural Science, Engineering & Technology, Biomedical Science and Natural & Physical Sciences. The Research Integrity assignment (Portfolio) will be downloaded from the online course by your post-graduate student.

My post-graduate student already has enough credits and does not need to complete this training as a module. Is it possible to complete the training without registering for the module?

Yes, it is recommended that all post-graduate students complete the extended online course in the relevant discipline Research Integrity: Research Integrity (INT version).

I am a post-graduate research student and wish to complete Research Integrity training as a module. Is it possible to complete the training without registering for the module?

First, discuss with your supervisor whether you should complete this training as a module - as this is a "supervisor-owned" module, your supervisor will need to assess your assignment. When your supervisor has approved, please register for Module GS5110 through module registration here.

As a post-graduate research student completing this training as a module, what do I need to do to obtain 5 ECTS Credits?

To complete the training for 5 ECTS Credits, you must:
1. Attend a 3 hour workshop (available workshops will be advertised via Blackboard and the RDC).
2. Complete the online training Research Integrity (Epigeum) in a version suited to your discipline.
3. Cpmplete the "Integrity Portfolio" assignment, which can be downloaded from the online course.

 I’m not sure which discipline-specific course to choose – can I look at the content before completing the course?

Yes, you can click into any of the courses to see what exactly they cover. Once you have chosen the most relevant course, please complete each section and take the MCQ. You must achieve >80% to pass the course and download your certificate.

I attempted the online course previously and failed the MCQ. Can I try again?

Yes, you can log in again at any time and re-take the MCQ. There are unlimited attempts allowed. Your last attempt will be recorded as your final score.

I have completed this training previously at NUI Galway/at another institute – do I need to take part in this training again?

If you completed the Epigeum training at NUI Galway within the last 3 years, you do not need to complete this training again, provided you can provide evidence of completion. If you completed Research Integrity training (non-Epigeum) at another institute, you must complete the Research Integrity: Concise (IRE version) (approx. 45-70min online).

Which disciplines is the Research Integrity (INT version) available in?

This extended course is available in the following 5 disciplines: Biomedical Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

Do I need to complete the online course in one sitting – is my progress automatically saved?

You can log in and out of the course as many times as necessary. You will need to remember which section you were working on previously and continue on from there.

I tried to register for Epigeum online training but I did not receive the activation email. What should I do?

Please check your Junk Mail folder for this email. If you still can’t find it, please log a query with Please do not try to register again using another email address as this will use up 2 tokens.

I have been asked for a token when registering – where can I find this?

Please contact

What should I add to the “Institutional Specific Field” when registering?

Please input your funding source here. If you have multiple funding sources, please enter each source in alphabetical order e.g. EI/IRC/SFI.

I registered for this course last year but did not manage to finish the course– will my account still be active?

Yes, you will still have access to the course until September 30th 2020. Please log in at any time to complete (Forgot password function is available).

How do I download my “Certificate of Completion”?

Once you complete the relevant course and achieve >80% in the MCQ, the download button beside the course will change colour. Please click on this button to download your certificate. Please retain this certificate for your records.

Which online course do I need to complete?

For PIs, please complete: Research Integrity: Concise (IRE version) (approx. 45-70min online).

For Research Fellows/Senior RFs: Research Integrity: Concise (IRE version) (approx. 45-70min online).

For Post-docs: Research Integrity (INT version) (approx. 5 hours; available in 5 different disciplines).

For Post-grads: Research Integrity (INT version) (approx. 5 hours; available in 5 different disciplines) + attendance at a 3h Workshop delivered by the Research Office/Researcher Development Centre.